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The Hebrew Timeline

Are the Hebrew and King James timeline of the Bible (Old Testament) different?

Yes. The two timelines place creation 244 years apart.

The Hebrew Timeline known as Seder Olam Rabba places creation at 3760 BC. It was calculated on a literal reading of the book of Genesis by Tanna Yose ben Halafta in the second century BC. The Tannaim (Hebrew: תנאים, singular תנא, Tanna) were the Rabbinic sages whose views are recorded in the Mishnah, from approximately 70-200 CE – from

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The Creation of Adam and Eve

The Hebrew Timeline and the King James Biblical timeline based on Ussher’s chronology, places creation at 4004 BC. The 244-year difference is due to differences in calculations during the period when dates have to be determined by relationship to other events as exact time frames and relative dates are not given. (see our article: The Three Bible Timelines: Why and How They Differ )

Here are some of the dates on the Jewish Timeline:

Creation of Adam and Eve 3760 BC

Methuselah Born 3074 BC

Adam dies 2831 BC

Noah born 2704 BC

The Flood  2102 BC

Abraham born  1813 BC

Tower of Babel  1765 BC

Noah dies  1755 BC

Joseph born  1562 BC

Moses born  1393 BC

Exodus  1313 BC

Saul anointed king  879 BC

David anointed king  877 BC

First Temple construction begins  832 BC

Kingdoms split  769 BC

The first temple destroyed  586 BC

The second temple built  516 BC

Esther to Achashverosh  431 BC

The second temple destroyed  70 AD

For a comparison list of dates see our article comparing the Catholic, King James and Hebrew Timelines.

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3 thoughts on “The Hebrew Timeline

  1. Thank you for publishing the too rarely known, even in orthodox Jewish circles, traditional Jewish timeline. One blooper this fallible reader found though, you have the building of the 2nd Temple before the destruction of the first, i.e. 70 years after the more well known estimate of the destruction rather than the traditional one.

    1. You are welcome and appreciate the comment. The correction has been made. Have a blessed one!

  2. Why have Christmas in dec.Romans held
    census July to sept.

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