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In the Bible Timeline Articles you will find information relating to Bible Questions, People and Events of the Bible, as well as information to aid your study of the bible, including our Free Online Timeline.

See the latest articles published by the creators of the Amazing Bible Timeline below, or navigate to Topics of interest using the navigation to the right.

Latest articles:

  • How did the Ancient Israelites make bread? - As a woman in ancient Israel it was her duty to prepare the meals. Bread was such a common part of their diet that it was often referred to as food in general. Thus milling and preparing the wheat or flour was also a major responsibility. Each house made their own and it took possibly […]
  • How did people deal with mice in Biblical times? -     Egyptians The ancient Egyptians had several pests to deal with during their life. It is easy to gather that much from the scriptural account of Moses and the 10 plagues. Just to name a few, there were frogs, lice, flies, and locusts in addition to snakes, mosquitoes and rodents. The mice and rats were […]
  • Visigoths - Known as the western part of the Germanic tribe called the Goths, the Visigoths remained mainly on the west part of the Black Sea during the 3rd century AD. It is located on the Bible Timeline Chart between 400 and 500 AD. Because they frequently settled in the west, these people were referred to as […]
  • What is does the word ‘blessed’ mean in the bible? - The phrase ‘happy’ in the English language is often thought of as “Fortunate or lucky…. cheerful…contented…characterized by or indicative of pleasure….” (Random House College Dictionary).  The way ‘happy’ is portrayed in the bible is much more meaningful. As an example, the Bible doesn’t just present happiness to be an event or occurrence that result from […]
  • Vandals - Coming from Jutland, which is modern-day Denmark, the Vandals were one of the strongest Germanic tribes that were a threat to the Roman Empire. After departing their homeland, they set forth to the Valley of Odra River, in the 5th century BC. By the 2nd century AD, the Vandals started settling along the coast of […]
  • Vandals in France (425 AD) - One of the strongest groups of people that fought against the Romans in 425 AD was the Vandals. These people were of East Germanic descent, and they were ruled by King Genseric during that year. In 425 AD, the Vandals entered Africa, under the commands of Genseric. By about 439 AD, these people successfully established […]
  • Suevi - The Suevi or Suebi are a Germanic tribe that Julius Caesar mentioned during the campaign of Ariovistus in Gaul. While Caesar considered the Suevi as merely a single Germanic tribe, other authors such as Pliny and Tacitus did not refer to them as a single nation unlike the Tencteri and Chatti. In fact, the Suevi […]
  • Saxons - The Saxons were a Germanic tribe that was situated on the North German Plain. A large percentage of these people settled in major areas of Great Britain during the early middle ages. Eventually, they formed a part of the Anglo-Saxons group that made up the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, some Saxons opted to remain in Germany, […]
  • Heruli - A powerful tribe that was of East Germanic descent was the Heruli. During the 3rd century where they are located on the Bible Timeline with World History, these people left their land at Scandinavia to cross the Black Sea and settled in various places within the region. They were also known to be a significant […]
  • Ostrogoths - Gaining much control of the northern portion of the Black Sea, the Ostrogoths came from an eastern group of Germanic people. Their name refers to Eastern Goth, or the Goths that are glorified by the sun. On the other hand, the term Visigoth refers to the Western Goth. It was Cassiodorus, a Roman writer, who […]

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