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In the Bible Timeline Articles you will find information relating to Bible Questions, People and Events of the Bible, as well as information to aid your study of the bible, including our Free Online Timeline.

See the latest articles published by the creators of the Amazing Bible Timeline below, or navigate to Topics of interest using the navigation to the right.

Latest articles:

  • Commodus, Lucius Aurelius - Lucius Aurelius Commodus was conceived August 31 161 AD in Lanuvium (about 14 miles from Rome) where he is listed on the Biblical Timeline Poster with World History. His parents were Marcus Aurelius and Fuastina the Younger. He was the tenth child with 13 other siblings. Commodus was born as a twin to his brother […]
  • Marcus Aurelius - The biggest references for Aurelius are few, far between and most often undependable. Deciphering the facts from fiction has been a cause for much study and debate for many of the ancient emperors. Although there have been found several manuscripts of his story that are largely reliable. Aurelius was born as M Annius Verus April 26 […]
  • Antonius Pius - Antonius (Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Arrius Antoninus) was born as an only child from Titus Aurelius Fulvus in 89 AD where he is listed on the Biblical Timeline with World History. His family was originally from Nemausus (called today Nimes). His mother was Arria Fadilla, his father (also his paternal grandfather) passed away when he […]
  • Saxons on the German Ocean - The Saxons were a gathering of Germanic Tribes in the North German Plain, the majority of which lived in vast areas of Great Britain during the Middle Ages. They are listed on the Bible Timeline Poster between 150 AD and 250 AD. The Saxons became part of the Anglo-Saxons who would ultimately bring about the […]
  • Trajan - Trajan was well known, and a well loved Emperor. Of the Five Good Emperors mentioned by Edward Gibbon, Trajan was listed as the 2nd best. He came into power in Jan 27 98 AD where he is listed on the Bible Timeline.  Trajan operated Rome as a triumphant warrior/emperor and was influence to one of […]
  • Pliny (historian) - Battle leader, legal representative and author, Pliny the Elder is listed on the Bible Timeline Poster from his life in 23 AD to 70 AD.  His studies on nature molded the foundation in the sciences for centuries. Pliny passed away August 25, 79 AD after trying to save a friend and his family with his […]
  • Britain a Roman Province - Rome had been a part of Britain since 55 BC through 40 AD where it is listed on the Bible Timeline Chart.  During that time there was significant influence from Rome to the British on many levels. An example would be how their culture was shaped and the way the economy flowed. In the end […]
  • Claudius 41 AD - Emperor Claudius had a nephew named Caligula who was considered one of Rome’s worst rulers. Once Emperor Caligula was murdered in 41 A.D. Claudius took his place. That is where he is listed on the Biblical Timeline Poster. Most sources claim that Emperor Claudius was probably not the most likely candidate that should have been […]
  • Tiberius 14 AD - Tiberius Claudius Nero was a former Roman Emperor who ruled from 14 A.D. to 37 A.D. That is where he is listed on the Biblical Timeline Chart.  Emperor Tiberius was born in 42 B.C. to his father with the same name. His mother’s name was Livia Drusilla. His childhood was simple and carefree. He spent […]
  • Arminius 14-16 AD - Arminius was a chieftain of an ancient Germanic tribe known as the Cherusci. This particular tribe of Germania was one of many that were defeated by the Romans. As a result of the Cherusci defeat, Arminius and his brother Flavus were forced as children to become hostages in Rome. When Rome was ruling the world […]

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