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63 thoughts on “Bible Timeline Articles

  1. While searching online for a biblical reference, I stumbled onto a related article posted on your website. Long story short, I just ordered two large timelines! 🙂 One for us and one for our church. I expect this will be an amazing Sunday School teaching reference. Very excited to receive and present this! Thank you!!

    1. Very cool and thank you so much. Happy studying!

  2. Which Bible do you use? The 73 Book one or the 66 book one? Thank you!

    1. Donna we use the KJV, for more detail see the page Thank you!

  3. I would like the printed Copy of the Timeline Portrait style, to be enlarged
    I see where I can Zoom it in, and this makes it much easier to read.
    But when I click Print. It goes back to the too small to read size. .

    1. Bonnie you can get a physical copy like that at our site Your printer is likely set to make whatever your printing fit to the page. You’ll need to check with your printer manufacturer on how to change or modify these settings.

  4. This a correction to a question that I asked earlier…
    Earlier I asked if the Old Testament timelines were computed using the Masoretic text from which we get the OT KJV version or from the Pentateuch? I meant to ask…if the Old Testament timelines were computed using the Masoretic text from which we get the OT KJV version or from the Septuagint (OT translated into Greek)? The Septuagint is what the NT writers read, the Septuagint was translated from earlier manuscripts than the manuscripts used in the Masoretic texts. The OT timelines in the Septuagint are different than the timelines the Masoretic texts.

  5. 1. if Jesus was Born 4 years BC, then how can the church acknowledge the term BC if Jesus was alive in 3-1 BC? These 3 years are not BC if Jesus was alive?

    2. Was Jesus born already 1 years old since the day of his birth is recorded as 1AD? in order for (1 year Anno Domini to be a thing, 1 year must have passed to be considered a true year) this would mean he was 1 year old at birth. After 20 years had passed, he would actually be 21 would he not according to this logic?

    3. Christianity being newer religion (less than 2000 years) (pretty sure that Jesus was in his 20s plus when the religion was formed) how is that there is no exact date recorded of his actual Birthdate? I am not asking for an exact date and time of birth, but an error of upto 6 years seems like an oversite for an “organized” religion

  6. Kislev 25, 1 BC is when I think Yeshua was born.

    This date is based on hints in the Bible, as well as historical sources such as Josephus. For example, Josephus said there was an eclipse shortly before Herod’s death. The problem is, there were eclipses in 5 BC, 4 BC, and 1 BC. The 1 BC eclipse was on Dec 29. This would have been about the time of Christ’s birth and also shortly before Herod’s death. Herod is also said to have died just before Passover. This would place Herod’s death about March of 1 AD.

    The Magi would have arrived sometime in 1 AD, before Herod’s death. After which, Joseph took Mary and Yeshua to Egypt.

    Joseph and Mary would have not been in Egypt more than a few months, at most.

    As for the 25 Kislev date, this is based on an ancient church tradition. When this date was switched to the Roman calendar, it became December 25.

    The birth of Yeshua in early winter can be determined by the Gospel of Luke. Zecharias was High Priest and he was in the Temple on the Day of Atonement when he was visited by Gabriel. Evidence that this was the Day of Atonement is the fact that he was in the Temple alone, and no one went into the Temple to check on him, although he delayed so long the people outside “marvelled”, as the KJV puts it. This only makes sense if it was the Day of Atonement. This is late September or sometimes early October.

    Now, if Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist shortly after, that places John’s birth about 9 months later, in late June or early July.

    Since Mary was pregnant with Yeshua 6 months later, we can estimate the birth of Yeshua to be in late December or early January. This fits perfectly with the dates of the eclipse and Herod’s death, as well as the traditional date of December 25, which on the Biblical calendar is Kislev 25, which is Hannuka.

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