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Amazing Bible Timeline True or False Questions

The changing season brings a return to school and a whole new year of learning possibilities!  To kick off the school year, we’re offering this free True or False worksheet download based on the Amazing Bible Timeline.  You can print this page or download our handy PDF (linked below) that includes the answer key.  The questions we came up with are listed below.  What would you add?  Post your own questions in the comments or email us with your suggestions!

1. The Amazing Bible Timeline covers events from both the Old and New Testaments. T/F

2. Seth, son of Adam, lived to be 612 years old. T/F 

3. The Great Flood, as described in the Bible, is positioned on the timeline around 2300 BC. T/F 

4. The birth of Jesus Christ is represented on the Amazing Bible Timeline around 4 BC. T/F

5. The timeline shows the approximate time of the construction of David’s Temple in Jerusalem. T/F 

6. The apostle Paul’s missionary journeys are marked on the timeline during the 1st century AD. T/F

7. The conversion of Constantine the Great to Christianity is placed on the timeline around the 4th century AD. T/F

8. The Babylonian Exile of the Israelites is placed on the timeline during the 6th century BC. T/F

9. The Protestant Reformation led by King James is positioned on the timeline around the 16th century AD. T/F

10. The timeline provides a visual representation of both biblical and secular historical events in relation to each other. T/F

This item is geared toward upper elementary or junior high students and can be accessed by clicking the link below (answer key included).

Amazing Bible Timeline True or False Questions and Answer Key

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  1. Amazing I love this book may God bless your ministry.

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