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What Does Christ Mean When He Says We Have To Give All Up?

What is the meaning of the original Greek of Luke 14:33 – “So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” On the surface, it seems too extreme. If everything means everything, then we are left with nothing (For example, we would be naked). Is that the literal translation of the verse? How did the early church view this verse; any way of knowing? Any and all information would be much appreciated. Thank you. Mike Schimmel

Here’s our answer

Here’s a link to an online source for Bible commentaries, linked specifically to Luke 14:33. By reading the different commentaries and study guides listed on the right, you can get an idea of the intention of that verse in context with the entire chapter. And not just by pulling the one sentence out by itself.

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What Does Christ Mean When He Says We Have To Give All Up?
What Does Christ Mean When He Says We Have To Give All Up?

Reading the verse that way, we understand that Christ is telling us that we must be willing to sacrifice all that we have, if need be, to follow him.  Not that we must give it up but that if asked we would give it up. E.g.  to walk the extra mile, to give our coat to one in need, to stop playing video games or posting on myspace/facebook and help our family members or neighbors, to share our food with the hungry.

It begins by pointing out that before embarking on any undertaking we start by looking at the cost.  Then Christ tells us what the cost is.

The cost of being a disciple of Christ is to be willing to submit our will to his and to share all that we have as needed.

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