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How Long Did Job Suffer

The Bible doesn’t say exactly how long Job suffered.

Job 7:3 says, “So I have been allotted months of futility, and wearisome nights have been appointed to me.” and Job 29:2says, “Oh, that I were as in months past, as in the days when God watched over me.” Also Job 30:16 and Job 30:27 talks of the days of his affliction.

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According to Job 2:13  his friends sat with him 7 days and 7 nights without speaking, but we don’t know how long he suffered before they came or how long after they left.
He doesn’t mention years, only days and months when he speaks of his afflictions so probably less than a year and more than a couple of months.

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63 thoughts on “How Long Did Job Suffer

  1. What if Job’s suffering had a span of years rather than months. Would he have succumbed?

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know but I’m guessing not. Paul learned to live with his “thorn in the side” by accepting that God was not going to heal him but he could use it to develop patience. And to learn how to glory in trials. Perhaps Job would have done the same.

      1. ” … a thorn in the flesh…”. 2 Corinthians 12:7(not “side”)

        1. You know I have come to understand by revelation that the thorn in Paul’s flesh was not a sickness but the persecution he suffered wherever he goes to preach whereas God uses it to place him in check for him not to feel too anointed.

    2. Most sufferings create degradation that eventually ARE “a span of years” once your life flow has been altered. Any suffering will deplete your resources physically. Spiritual suffering takes your dignity as well and to the point people contemplate self destruction. Be careful to ensure you protect your spiritual self while undergoing your trial and pray against the Spirit of suicide taking control.

      1. So true.that is the times that we have to hold on, pray and trust God only.

      2. You’re a very insightful thank you for your answer MWC

      3. I can relate… Job wanted death so desperately. He said very terrible words about God.

      4. Thank you Shazznem for this comment because my particular suffering has gone on for years–seven years. It has taken the form of lack of full-time employment for that long. I have been scraping by hand-to-mouth for that long and it has sapped me and I’m afraid the devil knows it. Like Job, I have wanted my life just to cease and to lie down in the grave because I feel so useless and like my suffering has affected my life flow and I feel like others often look at me and say “Where is your God?” and/or that, like Job’s supposed friends, they think I must have done something to deserve it. I know some of it is from having PTSD which has been triggered multiple times in my life, and this and many rejections for positions for which I had every qualification has left me discouraged and disheartened, another weapon of the devil. I am at my wit’s end and do not know what to do. I am well-educated, but it has not mattered and I have had to dumb down my resume to even get anything at all. Currently, I have a seasonal laborer job but it will end as the weather cools. If you and anyone else out there would pray for me, I’d be most grateful. Most people don’t understand about generational spirits (there is some question about my father committing suicide) and/or that bad spirits (like of suicide, anger, depression, negativity, or whatever is not elevating) is not of God. But I have endured, I have survived, but I desire to be free of this period of my life.

        1. I’ll pray for you.

    3. About whether Job would have succumbed, should his suffering have lasted years rather than months. The thing is that God is not wicked. It is not his will that his people suffer, especially if there is no greater good coming out of the suffering. God tells us in His Word in 1Corth 10:13 that “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity. God is faithful, and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape so that you are able to bear it.” If God allows it to come your way, it is because He knows you have what it takes to overcome and shame the devil. And he know how long you can take it. God is a good God.

      1. then why do people do it? why do they commit suicide??? And if its not his will for his people to suffer then why does it happen? I know a good godly christian woman who has had nothing BUT suffering her entire life, 40+ years of it. Getting old.

        1. Rhonda I noticed no one had addressed you since you responded. The thing that we have to understand about God and the spirit is that he does not see things the way we see things. What I mean by this is we really have to take a hard look as what we define as suffering. What does suffering mean. Example, to a millionaire, suffering is losing half his worth. But to a middle class person if they had half of what the millionaire had they would be considered blessed. To someone with the use of all their limbs, being told they can never walk again is suffering however to the person thats been in a wheel chair their whole life, it is just that. Its life. Magic Johnson has had aids for decades. Is that a lifelong suffering or is he a walking testimony. It depends on how YOUR flesh looks at it. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder blind for life. Lifelong suffering or a testimony that God can use anyone. Sometimes our flesh can get in the way of rational Godly thinking and he gives grace for that.

          1. I have been going through suffering and calamities for quite some time now. I purchased a home 9 years ago only to live in it a while, under a year then move because of all the problems in the home. 1 I had a water that had to be repaired because a animal got caught in the line. I had to have the cement floor in the basement cracked to repair the line. 2 I had an outside water line crack and had to pay to have the line corrected outside the home with PVC lines. 3 I had faulty wiring inside the home. There were 8 electrical lines wired to one outlet. Each time I had to move with my mother who was ill. Through all of that I may have lived in the home for 2 years throughout the 9.
            After watching my mothers health decline I deciddd to move with her in 2012. But I kept my home, I couldn’t rent it out because it needed work done to it and couldn’t afford to because I had to help my mother while living with her. I remember getting so discouraged and depressed just wondering why I had to walk through these things.
            The day of my home closing when I purchased it I had to go to my mothers because everything I had saved for my home I had to give to her because hers was in foreclosure. I just wept! I didn’t understand the purpose again. I questioned why bless me with the house if I couldn’t be in it!!
            Eventually I began to accept that I was suppose to get the home because if any other family would have purchased it they may have died from an electrical fires from all the bad wiring.
            In 2016 my mother passed. She left me her home, but I remained depress because of everything I walked through while living with her prior to buying my home and after. It just did not feel like my own and the atmosphere was depressing. However because her home was the bigger of the two I chose to stay there because it suited the needs for my children.
            During the first year of her passing her brother began to spend a lot of time with me. He understood how I felt and my mother and my relationship. So he began to help me redecorate and paint just to give the home so new life, because it was a family home for all gatherings. And everyone who visited was somber after her passing.
            In 2016 my uncle who was helping me passed. It was 14 months after my mother. By this time o was completely lost and devastated. I sought counseling and didn’t continue because I did not want to take meds!!!
            The entire time of All this I had a relationship with God, it’s the only way I kept my sanity. But I had no peace, I was filled with anger hurt and dissapointment.
            In January I received a phone call telling me my father had a stroke. I had to pray before I went to the hospital because I did not want to face any more deaths!! He survived and God blessed him that the stroke had no effects. However 2 days later, while walking through the mall my hemmorhoids flared up and I couldn’t take a step. I’ve only had thus problem once before in my life. I go to the hospital inflamed and swollen to be told I need immediate surgery. I went to see another Dr. Proctologist, only to find out they are not doing surgery and I have fissure tears. (Rips in the rectum). They gave me cream for them and said they would heal in there own in about 4-6 weeks.. They did not. I lead bedridden for over 70 days unable to stand or sit.
            During that time I lost my home, that was being renovated with a prospective buyer, my vehicle and suffered in bed without pay for 6 weeks of the four months I was off.
            I remember the day my truck was taken, the last ride where I had a bowel movement all over myself where it ran down my legs when I got out the vehicle and the pain from having the bm. With the fissure tears everytime you have a bowel movement your rectum goes into spasms, which feel like knives stabbing you for hours. My spasms were 8-12 hours long non stop!! And nothing relieves the pain.
            While going through this I kept a journal which helped me a lot. I was able to release all the anger, bitterness rejection dejection and depression. I held on to the things God told me and knew it was for my good because the one thing I had through out was peace!! My peace increased when I released the need to be in control and the anger and resentment of my life’s dissapountments!! I learned to draw closer to God and ask for more things to help my spirit instead of the material possesions. Don’t get me wrong I have my days when I feel low, but that’s when I write more and tell myself all the promises God has for me and it helps to fill my mind with hope instead of depression.
            I would like to tell you I’ve gained my material possesions back because this is the year of restoration and the year of Jubilee, However I can’t. But I will say the new peace and fresh perspective and increased hope I have is far greater!! I know God is not through with me and He has a plan for me and will proved my every need!!
            So to anyone going through always remember it could be worse and find peace through your storm!! God wants to heal us on the inside before the outside!!! He is a Good God and is faithful to His Word. Hold on and remain steadfast and hopeful praying everyday!! Be encouraged you are not alone!!!

        2. Yes, I have been in the valley of hell for 10 years now, don’t know how much more I can take. Tried to commit suicide already, and ended up with testimony instead. I know Jesus is real, but why did he save me only to allow me to suffer longer. It’s been 3 years since he saved me but my life is still a struggle. I don’t get it. I guess I deserve to suffer

    4. Some authors (e.g. say he suffered one hundred and twenty years.

      1. This reference speaks of how long Job lived/survived after his trial, not how long the trial lasted.
        He survived the period of trial for one hundred and forty years, and died in a good old age,

  2. Good question Muchiri. Good answer Margaret. This helps.

  3. I was listening to Joel Osteen and he mention that Job suffering was for nine months. Don’t know how he came up with that, but ok.

  4. for how long should a normal suffering last, it seams some sufferings are more sturbon

    1. I’ve been suffering for more than 21 yrs

      1. No matter the cause of the suffering, whether is your mistakes or errors in the Past or not.
        God wants to Receive the Glory through that suffering.

    2. Evans: hahaha. I guess so- depending on the purpose it serves.

  5. although, there are stubborn problems, you must be sensitive enough to know and understand what the purpose of that suffering is. Understand that there was a case filed against Job by Satan. That Job was only serving God because of money and health. So God needed to prove Satan wrong. How long a problem lasts is not relevant; what is relevant is what it makes out of you. Always remember: Isaacs, Samuels, John the Baptist, and Job’s double portion doesn’t come anyhow.

  6. you must be tested before you can be trusted. After many years of Abraham’s service to God; God never trusted Abraham until when God tested him with Isaac and he passed. God said to him: Now I Know that You fear and love me. He was tested likewise Job needed to be. But, also mark that not all suffering comes from God. You must be able to identify when affliction is coming against God’s will for your life and rebuke it without hesitation.

  7. i know that but my question was how manny years he suffered job and how longer past before jehovah blest him.

  8. Job lost his children. That suffering would have been with him for life.

    1. I disagree it wasnt for life time coz God remembered Job and gave to him what he wanted or needed.

  9. Just found your book and info 🙂 Would like to interview someone on my show about your amazing timeline please.

    1. Thank you. I sent you an email and look forward to the interview

      1. Thanks for all ur moral support.

  10. I thnk we serve a wonderful who knows the end, so i thnk Job was going to pass any test that God was going to allow satan to try satan for God instructed satan on what to do. So whatever period He suffered God was still control

  11. No one can confidently say how long Job suffered because a thousand years to man is like one day in the sight of God. The lessons of patience and perseverance in the story of Job should be enough to occupy the human mind.

    1. Word of wisdom

  12. so shall we conclude by saying no one realli knws how long he suffered before and after and onli we are sure is 7 days n nights.

  13. I too have asked that question how long did Job suffer I have read this book many times & have just finished reading it again today I now think it’s just as well we don’t know for we would want our suffering time to end the same length of time as his. I always write notes & date them when I read the Bible & 1 of the question I wrote before was was the memory of his suffering all forgotten? Or did he ever think in the back of his mind it might all happen again? Also I think Job’s so called friends were worse than his suffering their words to him were horrible. Maybe the 7 bulls & 7 rams could be 7 months for 7 months is a long time 7 years even longer God would not give him or us more than we can bear. I believe every 1 goes through a Job time saved or unsaved at least once in their lifetime I don’t know how the non Christian copes without God but He rains down His goodness on the just & the unjust.

  14. Thanks lot! It was great to know.

  15. I asked this question cause am in unceasing pain believing God that it’s almost over but it seems I don’t seem to see the end of the tunnel I need to encourage myself in the Lord I also need to be sure that it’s a situation that God allowed not an affliction of the enemy to hinder Destiny that’s why I asked Joe long was job’s affliction. thank you

  16. i believe Job was tested ACCORDING to the measure of FAITH/TRUST GIVEN TO Job IN GOD the Father , God the SON {JESUS} and GOD the Holy Spirit, Genesis, Let US make man in our image because Satan had to ask for permission to test Job, and GOD said Job will pass the test..and Job did. also in the new testament of the gospel of the good news of Jesus the Christ…. faith is a GIFT OF GOD, we are saved by Grace through Faith and that is a gift of God so that no man should boast. also to each man is given a measure of faith it is a spiritual Gift of the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus ascended into heaven and is sitting at the right hand of the Father until His return. yu can look up gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT. faith is also the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen,,so we get the saying the PATIENCE OF jOB, LOVE IS THE MOST DESIRED GIFT OF ALL JOHN, 3 16 FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN, THAT HE WHO BEIVES IN HIM BY fAITH SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE Job could not have endured his testing without faith, love hope patience trust we are tried and tested, according to our faith, i believe, even when we have sinned.. but Jesus paid our penalty of sin for us on the cross. yes, Job wanted to die, and satan was there to try and test him ,, but suicide is not an option, it is demonic….spiritual, ephesians, chapt 6- verse 12 explains our battle is not of flash and n blood but a mspiritual mbattle,, God veres Satan.. back to satan having to ask God, to test /temp Job.[

  17. My husband has been in a coma brain dead and paralyse for 6 years, going 7 years going to 2016, we lost everything our home with my 3 kids and everything and living with my parents. Praying daily and spiritual grounded. How long do I stand

    1. Please, my sister, kindly accept my empathy. Regarding how long you will wait, no man can tell you how long. But you must make sure you are not disconected from the ONE who will visit your sotuation one day and give you the victory at last. Please remmber this “IN GOD’S WAITING ROOM, THERE IS NO WAITING IN VAIN”. May God’s grace be sufficient for you and your husband and soonest you will sing a victorious song. Amen!

    2. Hello petunia, in response to your question, remember when the children of Israel was in captivity for four hundred and thirty years; the Bible said they cried out unto God and sent them a prophet who delivered them from their afflictions. Now if you can take my counsel, look for a prophet anointed by God and you will solution. I recommend you prophet T.B Joshua. But you do I will encourage you to watch some of his programmes on YouTube and channel 390. This could be the answer you have been looking for. God bless.

      1. Dont look to prophet td joshua but to Christ who died for u.blessed is aman who trust in the Lord..he is like a tree planted by river side!

  18. I know that Job did not suffer forever.God has given us times and seasons-Ecc3:1to
    14. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that God will not suffer us to be tempted above our ability. The lesson there is that God is a rewarder of those who trust in Him. He rewarded Job. Job 42:12 to 17, James 5 : 10&11.

  19. Reading all comments has been very helpful, praying for my children who was bought up in the church bit seem to think God is not the God they were bought up to believe in because of their constant trials and suffering, lo ok king thru scriptures believing God will allow his words to be planted as a seed in their spirit. A little help please.

  20. There are times we go through situation we just don’t understand why and what’s the cause of it just as I went to bed woke up one hour later with a complete different spirit for eight months now I’ve praying fasting seeking help but still going through. One thing I do know God time is not ours it may seems unbearable but what can we do what can we say. If we are wise don’t give up prove yourself to be faithful even in these temptation God will make a way.

  21. Well I have been in constant suffering in my body for over twenty years I have believed what keeps me going is my faith in Jesus sometimes I’m extremely overwhelmed with people actions towards me now I’m in a lions den and I really want to come out I’ve been attacked in my heart all I needs is people’s prayers and God’s mercy cos I’m not a sinner my daughters life is in danger my husband not a believer who often abandon us

  22. I also wonder how long does suffering last. My wife has been suffering with chronic pain and other medical issues for over ten years. The conditions have caused her to have major mood swings and harsh depression. I have been praying and trying to encouraging her through it all but sometimes she doesn’t want to hear it. Sometimes I wonder if and when this will pass and when she will be healed. It’s a big strain on my heart and mind. I just wonder.

    1. I am sorry to learn of your wife’s suffering. Chronic illnesses are very difficult for the person and those who love them. And I have no good answers.

      1. Thank you for the possitive comments and response… It has blessed me.. Great forum let’s keep it up…

    2. It’s always difficult to raise praises and worship songs at the moment of depression, but most cases if you force your self to practice it, you eventually receive unimaginable healing beyond human comprehension. No chronic illness before creator(God) of universe. Why not try praises, an irresistible tool that pierces heaven…

  23. Daniel was thrown in the lions den Shedrack, Mishack and Abendigo was thrown in the firery furnace overnight these four mighty men of GOD the result was suppose to be instant death. It always seems easy out and difficult to be in. Our attitude determine our altitude Peter was thrown into prison but sing a song. I’m in sympathy for our situation but while we looking for a miracle we need to understand what we are even going through is also a miracle. There is know situation worse than hell when a person lift up his eyes there. Our trials might seems great but theres a greater blessing after this. this life aint a permanent one anyway the best is yet to come. God is protecting us probably from eternal domination. JOB situation is Job situation GOD HAS SOMETHING UNIQUE FOR YOU IN SECRET

  24. Suffering is hard stuff. I’ve been struggling for the best part of 8 years. Frankly turning my back on God is a no no. But other than my crawling in faith in Him. Its has led me to being fearful I seem to expect another jab for every new thing I try, at this point I remember verses like the Proverb 17:22 and the parable of a good father not giving a snake for a fish and it leaves me very perplexed. I start to wonder what posture God is looking at me with or is my understanding of God wrong. But still I make the prayer and read the bible because it would be so dark without them. After all He is God and you could suffer all the days here and all He is is interested in is that you seek Him I could be wrong but honestly speaking at this moment its all I see.

  25. Periodic suffering is an integral challenge of life. However some suffering are product of ignorance on our part, some are self-inflicted and some come upon us due to violation of natural and divine laws. But I have learnt to pray to God to show me the root cause of my affliction and he has been merciful to reveal them and in most instances, the solution, has not been what I expected. I recently relocated to England from Africa but during my first winter I developed severe itching which does not respond to all the medications that I was given. I prayed all manners of prayers but there was no respite. I dread the night because it is most severe and couldn’t sleep. Out of my frustration I prayed to God to show me the root cause and the Lord opened my eyes to see that the WINTER MOULD growing on the wall is some part of the hous4 was the culprit. Immediately I painted the walls that was the end of my affliction. Praise God.

  26. Reading through these comments has been extremely helpful to me. I have been going through a financial crisis for 7 months. None of it makes sense to me and I have had points of it being so dark and me having to spend days just reading scriptures on encouragement. I have totally surrendered and I am looking forward to the victory because God has no respect of a person so I will receive a double return in the name of Jesus. God bless.

  27. I just finished rereading the book of Job. His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!” I don’t ever hear anyone mention that his wife lost and suffered just as much as Job did. I get the feeling she was very angry with God. Can we assume Job only had one wife? This means she had already had ten children and later ten more.

  28. I have went through almost every type of suffering there is and I can say for myself that physical suffering is by far the worst. When you’re in pain and feel so so bad you don’t feel like praying as you normally would and you start to slip. You don’t want to read the word as much and if you don’t feel like going to church it’s doubly hard to hold on to God. Does anyone relate to this?

    1. I can relate. Been reading these posts today. I have had junenile onset diabetes (type one). For 37 years. Severe depression for the past two years. I often wish that nature had taken its course, and I would have died young. Have been reading the book of Job recently, and that is how I came across this website. I pray and hope that God can restore me. Nothing yet, that I can perceive.

  29. In and through it all, we must remember that Jesus came to give us a great and sweet life. We must constantly cast all our cares on Him and insist on our joy! The truth is many times He’s helping us by His Spirit to use His Word and beat whatever comes our way. Everything you’re going through will surely pass away but His Word always wins out! Stick to the Word and be joyous always.

  30. James 1:2-4New International Version (NIV)

    Trials and Temptations
    2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

  31. It says that he died after another 140 years, having seen four generations of children. 42:16-17. Job 15:10 has Eliphaz saying that even the ‘gray haired & aged are on our side, men even older than your father’. If a generation is about 65 years, my guess working backwards would mean he was about 45 as middle eastern families started quite early.

  32. I am basically completely devastated by my suffering, and because of the person causing it. I have lost my son, my car,my house and several relatives who loved me because of this person who happens to be my mother. She is a satanic witch who is hell bent on killing me and has even mentioned it. I have prayed to the point of complete and utter despair with no answer from God except to give me visions of the future, which depict me as being poor. Through her witchcraft and regular sacrifices she has managed to destroy any opportunities for work or networking with people who can help me. She loves my stepbrother and has ensured his success through her evil to enrich him and ruin my life simultaneously. I have prayed and fasted to no avail. I am currently on a 40 day fast that might work, I don’t know and it is not a lack of faith but if wants me to be poor for the rest of my life, dies he really love me? I am battling with suicide every single day and don’t know who or where to turn to. I can’t raise my kids right because I am always broke. It hurts like hell and I don’t know what to do.

    1. Michael, have you sought for help, advice from a local church and pastor? Some of the churches may even have counselors available to work with you.

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