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How Dates Are Calculated on the Bible Timeline

I have a quick question  – Do you have Jacob’s life dates on it?  I’ve looked on the internet and in Bible history and the only dates I’ve come up with are first half of 2nd millennium BC!   If so how were you able to establish your dates?  How accurate are they?   Thanks, Heather

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Hi Heather:
Our dates are based on Bishop Ussher’s calculations.  These are the dates that were printed in the margins of the Authorized King James Bible since 1701.

If you can get a good date for Adam, you can then come forward using the information in Genesis, which links key male Bible figures from Adam to Solomon giving the age of the father when the son was born.  Using these ages, we get that Jacob was born 2168 years after the creation of Adam.


Using 4004 BC as the date of Adam’s creation we easily calculate that Jacob was born in 1836 BC (4004BC -2168 years)  He lived 147 years which means he died in 1689BC.  See Genesis 25:36 and 47:28.

Our dates are based on Ussher’s calculations which are considered accurate by most Biblical and many secular historians.

Here’s our page on historical proofs of the Bible.

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8 thoughts on “How Dates Are Calculated on the Bible Timeline

  1. 4004BC -2168 years: why are the years shown as though they are going in reverse order or backwards? (ie: 1000-586 B.C. Pre-exile, mid-exile period of David and Solomon?) I do not understand this. Please explain.

    1. Those are years are BC (before Christ) or now referred to as BCE (before Common Era – same timeline just used by those choosing to ignore the fact that all calendars have the life of Christ as its basis for dating). Therefore, Jacob was born in 2168 years before Christ was born (give or take a few years). We live 2017 years after Christ was born (give or take a few years.

    2. I don’t know if this helps but…

      BC stands for Before Christ. Thus 1 year BC, 2 years BC and so on. So the dates are the number of years before Christ. I can’t remember whether BC is from Jesus’s birth, the start of His ministry or His death/resurrection.

      AD stands for Ado Domingo (sp) or After Christ. I believe it begins at Christ’s resurrection.

      BCE and CE are basically the same thing made more palatable for atheists. The stand for Before Common Era and Common Era. There was a bit of a stink when they were presented (i.e. Why?) but they are in common use in secular historical documents. In my studies BC/AD is most commonly used but I read mostly Biblical references so I could be biased!

      Hope this helps and if any of my explanations are incorrect in ANY way, somebody PLEASE correct them! I am only human and a layman at that.

      David A. Dennis

      PS: I didn’t even notice others had already answered! But now that I have typed this all in, I am going to post it anyway!

  2. That’s how time was kept. Things changed at what I like to call ‘the turn of time’ when BC became AD (the year of the Lord), anything AD counts forward.

  3. is your calculation base on Greco roman times or Jewish calendar?
    Taken into mind that Rome at times in history change times and how a day is represented with midnight starting a day and a month having 2 or 3 extra days, how does this affect your calculations?

    1. For how this tool is put together, please see our about page at Thank you!

  4. if you could do math it would make lifev easer
    the bt is in log 12 not log 10 and since you can’t even add or subtract in log 12 i’ll give you a hand to convert log 12 to log 10
    so the end of the ice age was the great flood(s) in the end of this point the star system was in gemi
    7000bce/.6 =11666
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  5. Usher based his timeliness based on the PSEUDO book of Jasher. Proven time and time again he wasn’t a SCHOLAR, just an authorized puppet of Church hierarchy with disregard to Tanakh, OT dating

    From the beginning. Not backward

    In addition, Usher used the JULIAN calendar, AND NOT the even worse Gregorian

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