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Herod’s Tomb True Or False?

Herod's Tomb

Once again archaeologists and Biblical scholars are questioning a find that was originally accepted as correct.

In 2007 a well known and respected Herodium archaeologist, Efram Netzer, declared Herods tomb had been found based on the writings of the historian Josephus and additional evidence.

However other scholars question that find based on the simplicity of the tomb – suggesting that Herod, a man known for his huge ego and great building projects, would have had a much finer tomb.
You can read more about that here.

A good description with photos of Herodium, and the possible tomb are in this online issue of the Smithsonian

Both articles are filled with the methods archaeologist/historians use to determine and validate their finds. For example according to the Smithsonian article of August 2009 ” The high quality of the craftsmanship suggested the sarcophagus was fit for a king. Plus, the extent of the fragmentation suggested that people had deliberately smashed it—a plausible outcome for the hated monarch’s resting place. Based on coins and other items found nearby, Netzer surmises that the desecration occurred during the first Jewish revolt against the Romans, from A.D. 66 to 73. (As Kasher notes in his biography, “Herod the Great” was, for the Jews, an ironic title, designating an arrogant monarch who scorned the religious laws of his own people.)”

So has Herod’s tomb been found? The search continues either to confirm this is the tomb or to find another.

Photo of Herod’s Tomb from wikicommons from photographer Deror avi
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