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Bible Timeline 1996 BC Birth of Abraham

Recently M. Anderson wrote to tell us we had a mistake on the Amazing Bible World History Timeline. Genesis 11: 26 tells us “And Terah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran.”

The Amazing Bible Timeline shows Terah as 130 years when Abraham is born. We use Bishop Ussher’s dates as the basis for the Timeline. His are the dates found in the Authorized King James Bible. When calculating the ages of each person Bishop James Ussher took into account all the scriptures regarding that person. Using additional scripture verses we have to conclude that Terah was at least 130 when Abram (Abraham) was born.

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Abraham and the Angels

Consider that Terah died at age 205 (Genesis 11:32), that Abraham moved from the land of Haran after Terah’s death (Acts 7:4), and that Abraham was 75 when he departed Haran and moved to the land of Canaan (Genesis 12:4). Then that means Terah was at least 130 at Abraham’s birth (205 – 75 = 130). But what about the scripture you quote? We can only assume this means at least one of the sons was born when Terah was 70 and the rest after that date since there are other scriptures that suggest these sons were not triplets. Why is Abram (Abraham) listed first if he was not the eldest? Most likely because he is the most important in the genealogy of the chosen people leading up to Christ. We appreciate any and all feedback on the Amazing Bible Timeline. Each reprinting includes suggestions for enhancements, so please keep sending them.

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27 thoughts on “Bible Timeline 1996 BC Birth of Abraham

  1. How old was Moses when he left pharaohs house after he murdered the Egyptian.

  2. Find that amazing. Am reading Gen 22 Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac. He had to travel for two Days and on the third day ABBA provided a lamb. 1 day is as a 1000 for 2000 years Israel wandered and On The 3rd day ABBA gave His soon.

    1. Yes, thank you for this! And to take it a step further: in the Dead Sea Scroll writings, we learn that the Jews believed in three ages: the age of disorder/chaos (first 2000 years from creation); the age of law (years 2,000 to 4,000); and the age of grace – our current age (years 4,000 to 6,000). Abraham’s two days of travel represent the first two ages, and the third day where the Lord provides a sacrifice = the age of grace.

      According to the original solar calendar given to Israel by God as recently discovered in the writings of the Dead Sea scrolls (and not the pagan lunar calendar currently used in rabbinical Judaism that was adopted by the temple priests during the Roman occupation), the current Gregorian calendar year of 2022 AD is actually 5947, meaning the age of grace is about to come to a close. Maranatha Jesus!

    2. Actually God did not call Abraham to sacrifice his son, like many translations claim. The King James Bible says “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and OFFER HIM THERE for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.” You see the difference? God was testing Abraham.

      1. I disagree, if you are correct then why was the details concerning the ram caught in the brush even mentioned. He Was tested and proven that he would follow Gods word!

  3. Interesting History. Thanks for publishing it. By Gregg L. Friedman MD

  4. The bible does not say when Abraham was born, so you cannot refer to the bible. The book of Jasher states that Tera was 38 when he begat Haran, and that Tera was 70 when he begat Abram, and that Haran was 32 at the time.

    1. I was warned at a very young age about the Apocrapha and the like for this very reason..The Book of Jasher while beautiful and profitable for wisdom was written after THE LORD already ascended back to the Almighty..The dates of it being penned vary widely but I was taught that if any part of any Holy Book contradicts Canon then it can’t be inspired..I was taught this in the RCC, but it does make sense…
      That out of the way .Ive been studying Enoch for a few years now and my opinion on it has changed dramatically.Im starting to believe it should have been included..
      All I’m saying that if you should have any confusion or doubts, I’d stick with Canon.May God Bless you and do keep up the race..

      1. It is a known fact that the Book of Enoch was written many centuries later. Both times Enoch is mentioned in scripture it doss not refer to any book of Enoch but oy to verify that Enoch walked with God and was taken up.
        Enoch was before the flood. No his historical literature exists from that time. Only Noah and his family survived. Noah and those after him never mentioned any Book of Enoch. If one looks at it its seems to smack of Angelic worship. Yeshua (Christ) did not even mention him. It has also been mentioned that it was not written by the same person either as the style of writing changed so additions were added. The whole message of Scripture is about MANS fall seeking his OWN SELF DETERMINATION separate from God, who is LIFE, causing the human body to be corrupted and decay. To DIE. God then instituted to PLAN OF SALVATION for mankind, to bring them BACK to HIM and the Scriptures are HOW THIS PLAN WOULD ROLL OUT and be fulfilled to bring it back to what it was supposed to be from the BEGINNING. THIS A THE MESSAGE of how GOD dealt with humanity to bring it to its FULFILLMENT, through HIS SON (the Younger) Christ, who would not FAIL AS ADAM DID. (Amazing how we see this “younger” son being chosen many times.) ONE needs to focus on the MAIN MESSAGE AND ITS PURPOSE. NO ONE KNOWS our Creator “AS HIS WAYS SNF THOUGHTS ARE HIGHER THAN OURS. Yet HE HSS revealed HIS CHARACTER AND ESSENCE shown to us through the scriptures and ULTIMATELY through HIS SON YaHshua our Messiah conforming to HIS very character. Being ONE with His Father in HIS WILL AND WAYS. We too are bring conformed to YaHshua’s character who is the “IMAGE” of His Father that we too may reflected His IMAGE TOO. (His character).

        1. I told people the same thing, there were no written literature concerning Enoch, and if it were, which, I doubt, it did not go into the Ark. People make up all kinds of stuff, but it doesn’t jive with scripture.

          1. However, concerning the birth of Abraham, I did once hear, and even read on the Internet that he was born in the year 1948 BC. They also suggested that in the year 1948 AD Israel became a nation again.

  5. The two thousand years (two days) of wandering Jewish People is wonderful thought. God provided a Lamb (the promised son, Jesus Christ) exactly as the promised son of Abraham, Isaac. Just as Abraham had to slaughter his son, so God gave His only Son to be truly slaughtered for our redemption. Every chapter in the Bible has reference to the saving and finished work of Jesus.

  6. How can Abraham be born in 1996 BC when another pages says his son Issac was born in 2065 BC?

    1. Michael are you referring to one of our pages or another site on the web. Since the Bible does not give specific dates there are different approaches on putting together a chronology. Thank you!

  7. Hello! New guy here? What B.C. year did Abram leave Ur of the Chaldees? And what year did the War of 9 Kings occur (around when Abram rescued Lot)? Your answers would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    1. Well, do the math; in Genesis 12:4b NIV it says “Abram was 75 years old when he set out from Haran.” Which means that 1996 BC + 75 = he set out from Ur in 1921 BC. The next question: I’m not sure. It was before Abram had Ishmael, and Abram was exactly 86, meaning that the War of 9 Kings most likely took place between 1920 BC and 1910 BC.

  8. the Bible doesn’t specifically state the year of Abrahams birth. However, the Bible does state the ages of each patriarch when they died…Adam 930 from creation…so if you do the math, Abraham was born in year 1948 from Creation. Abraham was 58 when Noach died. Then is says Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born. There are 76 years in between the death of Abraham and the birth of Yosef son of Jacob (Israel). So if Abraham died at age 175 and was born in 1948, he died in year 2123 from Creation. Yosef was born in year 2199 from Creation. Yosef lived for 110 years. So, Yosef died in year 2309 from Creation. Levi died in 2332, 23 years after Yosef. Levi lived to be 137, so Levi was born in year 2195. Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born in year 2034. Christ was born 2166 years from the birth of Father Abraham, 2066 years from the birth of Isaac. 2030 years from when Isaac was taken to be sacrificed. Christ was crucified in 4147 at the age of 33. We are now at 6132 in Ancient Hebrew calendar. not 5780. 5780 – 3412 = 2368 the birth of Moses. 5780 – 3448 = 2332 the death of Levi. 3448 + 666 = 4114 the birth of Christ. 4114 – 1948 = 2166, 2166 divided by 28 is 77. 28 letters in the first verse of Hebrew bible. בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

    1. I’ve heard that Abraham was born in 1948 BC also and that was to correspond with current Israel being born in 1948 AD

  9. Biblical time lines are a foolish task…but understandable if you consider the OT to be recorded actual history rather that edited oral traditions passed down from generation to generation that included mythic stories from other religious traditions that came before Judaism was born from the loins of Abram. Metaphor is a much better way to read and understand the OT. And Usher’s date? Set them aside entirely. They are provided through a literalist reading of of the canonical texts by much of Christianity. The Jewish scholars treat the OT texts far differently than many Christians in and out of academia do.

  10. Thank you for this information. There are 2 points I’m sharing.

    #1- It’s useful to keep the record of different timeline variables in mind when making calculations for us. Because our timeline records are based on the calendar when the time frames were decided as being 365 days in 1 year for 3 years and 366 in 1 year every four years. When the timelines are calculated by moons, by seasons, it means there are variations to what is a year. This means the variations in dating for a year are also variations that influence the date information we read.
    #2- When factoring Abraham’s birth we are then able to factor when Noah’s flood ended, AND began. The flood is calculated to be 352 years before Abraham was born, this means with archeological timelines the information that’s 353 before Abraham’s birth is pre-flood information…So knowing when Abraham was born is a really interesting factor.

  11. I propose Abraham was born 2008 years from Adam. If you do the research of Ernest L Martin exhaustive work, you’ll see how he arrives at 2008 as the birth of Abraham by simply adding up the ages of the Patriarchs from Adam to Abraham’s 99th year, in the bible. Google “new discoveries in chronology and prophecy Ernest L Martin”.
    Also, lays out the biblical chronology well, showing the 6000th year comes to 2028.

    1. Hi there, can you name the book which is this guy’s exhaustive work? Is the information available online? I am studying this point in my research of biblical chronology especially involving the birth of Abram. Any information I can get will be helpful. Thanks, JACasey

  12. When did Abraham die? (The patriarch)

  13. Daniel 9:24-27 lays out the Prophecy on Daniel’s People (Jews).
    By my reckoning, there were 70 Shebua (Weeks of Years) that Yahuah DETERMINES as CUT OFF point for the JEWS as a people of Yahuah.
    Dan.9:24. Seventy weeks are determined upon THY people and upon THY holy city, to finish the transgression, and to MAKE an end of sins, and to MAKE reconciliation for iniquity, and to BRING IN everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the VISION and PROPHECY, and to anoint the MOST Holy. (Michael?)
    With the almost 100% Vaccination of the “Israel” State, I conclude that 2023 is the CUT OFF year for DANIEL’S Holy City.
    The NEW JERUSALEM (Yahuah’s) Holy city which is not “Brick and Mortar” will replace Daniel’s “Holy City” and Revelation only refers to to this CITY which Comes DOWN from Heaven, where the Chosen Elect go – See John 14:1-4.
    How do we determine the year of transition from OLD to NEW Jerusalem?
    Daniel chapter 9 mentions 62 (Weeks of Years) and 7 Weeks of Years (Jubilee?) THEN “ONE” week (Of Years). As the history of GENTILE Period is not reliable, we can only start counting from the FULFILLMENT of the “Times of the Gentiles” when OLD Jerusalem was no longer in Gentile hands in 1967.
    Why is that? Luke 21:24. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the TIMES OF THE GENTILES be fulfilled.
    Old Jerusalem was BACK into Jewish Jurisdiction June 7th 1967.
    Working BACK 62 Shebuah, we come to 1533 – around 2 years before Sultan Suleiman commenced work after issuing a COMMAND to Rebuild (Renovate) the walls and streets.
    62 Shebuah = 434yrs = Gentile Times (Occupation of Jerusalem) = 1967
    7 Shebuah = 49yrs = Messiah the Prince = Dan.12:1 “Michael stands” = 2016
    1 Shebuah = 7 Years = Covenant (From Obama?) Oblation ceases 2019/20?
    Covid forbade Church gathering 2020. which ENDS 2023 (2016+7=2023)
    From 2023 we have a turning back to Yahuah to commence “NEW” Jerusalem when “Prince Michael stands” Dan.12:1 …And a time of trouble such as never was = 42Months??? Rev.13:5 when the ONE WORLD Government Starts in 2023. The “BRIDE” (144k, Rev.7:4) are taken for 1,260days – 3+1/2yrs as in Rev.12:6 & 14. = 1,260days when 2x Witnesses will WITNESS Rev.11:3.

    Notice Rev.11:1-3 gives measurement of Court – Leave out (Gentile time) BEFORE the temple (49yrs), then Beheading & 42 months NEW Jerusalem (Holy City) is trodden down before the 2 witnesses Witness 1,260 days.

    Court = Gentile measure before the TEMPLE – DON’T Measure ~1533 – 1967
    Temple = 7 Shemittah = 49yrs (7 Shebuah/Weeks) = 1967 – 2016
    Holy City trodden down 42 Months = Beheading from ISIS? = 2016 – 2020

    Rev.11:1. And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and THE ALTAR, and THEM THAT WORSHIP therein.
    Rev.6:9 &10 = ALTAR/Beheading & (Feast day / TORAH Worshipers?)
    Witnessing (or SEALING of 144k?) 2020 – 2023? Rev.7:3 & 4

    Just my idea – Maybe I am WRONG!

  14. Well if we do research about times and calculate, we people come up with different mathematical conclusions , but if we observe carefully many of us conclude about more or less 6000 years from the creation to the present year (2023). The second advent of our lord Jesus Christ are at hand.

    6000 years (from the creation to present year) + 1000 years ( millennium judgment in heaven revelation 21) = 7000 years

    1000years is equal to 1day to the lord according to 2 peter 3:8 in the bible

    6000 years + 1000 years= 7000 years / 7 days

    This is just my idea.

    1. I agree, the most logical deduction I have seen.

  15. The first days of Adam were in 3890 BC. Isaac was born in 1910 BC. The Exodus was in 1480/79 BC. The 50th Jubilee was in 1440 BC. The 1st Temple dedicated in 950 BC. Jesus Crucified and resurrected in His 33rd year at the age of 32 was 31 AD and later that year would be the 80th Jubilee.

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