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Great Wall of China Built, When and Why Was the

The Tatars (also called Tartars)  were a group of nomadic tribal people that existed in Central Asia. They were a part of many different tribal groups called the Donghu (eastern barbarians) that roamed Central Asia around 700 B.C. The Tartars are related to the Mongols who eventually went on to forge a vast empire that stretched across most of Asia, the Middle East and various parts of Eastern Europe. Since the Tartars were considered Eastern Barbarians their culture was similar to many other tribal groups with the same name.

Early Walls

Chinese emperors started to build the wall around 700 B.C. The wall was erected for the purpose of defense and since that time it had additions added onto the structure. The kingdoms built the walls around the areas where they ruled. There were certain dynasties that made considerable improvements on the Great wall throughout its history and they include the kingdom of Chu, which was ruled by the Eastern Zhou and Qin, Qi, Zhao, Han and Yan. Qin Si Huang conquered these six different Chinese kingdoms in 221 B.C. and ordered the destructions of the walls surrounding each territory. After destroying the walls around the six kingdoms he rebuilt a single wall around his territories that lay in the north. Through his efforts the foundation of the Great Wall and how it appears today was created then. This is when it appears on the Biblical Timeline Poster with World History.

Once the Han Dynasty came to power between 206 A.D. and 220 A.D., a secondary wall was built outside of the original wall. This outer wall was added to the Great Wall and it was designed to keep out foreigners. This particular wall had stayed in place for over a thousand years starting with the Han Dynasty and it wasn’t until the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.) that the wall received additions and repairs.

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Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Tartar Invasions and The Great Wall

The Tartars had invaded China all throughout its long history. They infiltrated the wall on numerous occasions and some of these invasions took place in 1075 A.D. and later on during the conquest of China. They didn’t attack the Chinese during the rule of Khans (or the Yaun) in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The Tartars were added into the Mongol’s Empire as a part of the confederation of tribes that were established in the early part of the 13th century under Genghis Khan. Some of the Tartars ruled in China as administrators and officials during the Yaun era.

Ultimately, the Tartars would not have been able to penetrate Chinese society if it were not for the efforts of the Mongols. They aided the Mongols as they spread into China and fought along side of them in battle. There were some Tartar tribes that settled into other Mongolian lands other than China.

The Great Wall helped to keep the Tartars and other barbarian tribes out of China for many years. After the Mongolian Dynasty of China (Yaun) had been wiped out in 1368 A.D. the Ming Dynasty used the wall as a means to keep the Tartars and other wandering tribes from trying to come back to reclaim China.