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Omri Unrighteous King Of Israel

King Omri rose to the throne of Israel through a series of assassination plots. Once he was in power he didn’t bring God glory, by the way, he ruled the kingdom. God allowed Omri to rule Israel for a total of 12 years and during this period he continued the pagan practices that were started with Jeroboam the first king of Israel. King Omri’s name means “sheaf’ or “grain” or “king”. He appears on the Bible Timeline Chart starting in 939 BC.

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The Golden Calf Cult was a religion that was started by Jeroboam for the purpose of keeping his control of Israel. Jeroboam realized that the people would turn back to God if they were allowed to continue to keep worshipping at the temple in Judah. So the Golden Calf Cult served the purpose of keeping the people of Israel divided against Judah and God.

God had to punish many Israeli rulers for their worship of the Golden Calf. King Baasha of Israel was a king who ruled the land before Omri came to the throne. King Baasha was a wicked king who forsook the worship of God. As a result of his actions, God told him through a prophet named Jehu that he was going to wipe out his line. God didn’t carry out this prophecy until King Baasha’s son Elah took the throne.

King Elah ruled Israel for only 2 years before one of his military commanders named Zimri schemed an assassination plot against him. While King Elah was getting drunk at his friend’s home, Zimri snuck in and killed him. Zimri then proceeded to kill the rest of Baasha’s family line so that God’s prophecy against Bashaa would come true. Then Zimri placed himself on the throne of Israel and continued the pagan practices of the kings that were before him.

About a week later Omri and his soldiers found out what was going on at the palace. Omri was one of Elah’s other military commanders. After they had heard that Elah was dead, they proclaimed Omri as their new ruler. Omri then took his men and started to siege the palace where Zimri was located. King Zimri became terrified and thought all hope was gone, so he burned the palace and died in the fire. Omri was about to become the king, but another challenger to his throne rose up against him. This challenger’s name was Tibni half of the people supported him. Omri ended up beating Tibni and became king.

Omri built a city called Samaria during the rest of his time in power, and he had a son named Ahab. He raised his child in an atmosphere of rebellion toward God. His son learned his lessons well and after Omri had passed away his son, King Ahab, became known as one of the most corrupt kings in the history of Israel.

Biblical References:

  • 1 Kings 16: 1 – 7 Baasha is an evil king who rules in Israel. Because of his evil ways God tells him his lineage will be wiped out.
  • 1 Kings 16: 8 – 10 King Elah is the son of Baasha and after he takes over the throne he is killed by one of his military commanders named Zimri. Zimri then kills the rest of Baasha’s lineage as prophesized by God. After slaughtering all of Baasha’s relatives, Zimri sets himself up as king.
  • 1 Kings 16: 15 -20 Another military commander in King Elah’s army was named Omri. Once he hears about the assignation of Elah, the soldiers underneath him make him king. He then leads them in a coup against Zimri. Omri and his forces defeat the king’s soldiers, and King Zimri kills himself in a palace fire.
  • 1 Kings 16: 21 – 23 Omri is about to become king when another contender to the throne named Tibni challenges him. He defeats Tibni and finally becomes the king.
  • 1 Kings 16: 24 He builds a city named Samaria.
  • 1 Kings 16: 25,26 God is angry with Omri for leading the people of Israel in false worship.
  • 1 Kings 16: 28 King Omri dies and his son Ahab takes over the throne.