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What Are The Names of the Thieves Crucified With Christ?

The two thieves are not named in the Bible. However an apocryphal book, The Book of Nicodemus, which Bible scholars date to the fourth century AD on the Biblical timeline names the repentant or good thief Dysmas or Dismas and the thief who mocks Jesus is named Gestas.

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‘Crucifixion by Hans von Tübingen showing the good thief on the right side of Christ, and the impenitent thief on the left side of Christ with a devil. Others portrayed are the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John, and the three Marys (Mary Cleophas, Mary Salome and Mary Magdalene).

You can read more about the Book of Nicodemus or read an English translation of the Book of Nicodemus online (it’s only 24 pages.)

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60 thoughts on “What Are The Names of the Thieves Crucified With Christ?

  1. thanks very much for your support

  2. This is amazing

  3. Wow!!! This was so helpful thanks a million for the names of theThief Crucified with Christ.

  4. The two men who was crucified with jesus christ, is their names mention in any Bible verse, whether old or new testament…

    1. Who are the names of the two who die with Jesus?? Please send me vers

    2. Not in the Bible but the book of Nicodemus

  5. I am 70 years old, and I cannot believe that this is the first time I ever thought to ask about the Thieves on the cross next to Jesus…am so pleased to finally know…

  6. wow this is glorious

  7. The king James Bible calls the repentant thief a #1 thief, #2 malfactor, #3 other.

  8. wow it’s a pleasure to know the name of the two thieves that are crucified with Jesus Christ

  9. thanks a million .God blessed

  10. I heard that the two thieves were thrown in a pit, but I can’t find it in the bible

  11. We have no idea what their names are. The Word of God chose to allow them to remain nameless. The alleged book of Nicodemus cannot be trusted for truth.

    1. why not to be trusted. pope’s picked which books would be in the bible and it is written that if all jesus’s words were written it would fill a library- the gospel of john. it is suspected that the pope’s are the antichrist- replacement of jesus-the inscription on or in the ring adds up to #666 ;now the 144th and the 145 will be over the 144 (kinds of) sins allowed, but it really does not make a difference to me much, just a curiousity, as to who they were named, the lesson is what counts. I will research this author of this book. just my thoughts and opinion.

    2. Thank you!
      The names of the theives we insignificant. God made mistakes in the writing of His word. Nicodemus who? He too was not important or, he would have been in the Bible.
      Do not add to….

      1. God made mistakes?!?! Excuse me?? God makes NO mistakes!

        1. Yes, God never and cannot make mistakes for He is Holy and Perfect !!!

          1. Sorry Ms Welch, my God does not make mistakes. He is perfect.

          2. The spirit of God will release the names of the thieves. Just stay intuned wit the Holy spirit and ull see ask Our Heavenly Farther. He knows my name and urs

          3. Agree YAHUAH he is sovereign holy righteous I’m so sorry for the person who answered that he made a mistake because evidently never took the words of the scriptures

        2. Amen to that.

  12. Who are they

  13. It’s amaizing that there were two thieves crucified along with Jesus yet they are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, why? Were gospel writers omiting real facts or was it the work of editors?

  14. Marvellous job for naming the thieves

  15. The two thieves are the basically the left and right extremes, Jesus represents the god consciousness in the center. Third eye, third gate, intuition, surrendered.

    1. DIMAS In the right side
      GESTAS in the left side

    2. That’s eastern mysticism. Turn away from it. It’s another gospel.

    3. You’re either seeing something that’s not in the text or importing a non-Biblical philosophy and overlaying it onto the text. Just read the text at face value. You’ll see that one of the two thieves repented and was saved by his faith in Jesus. The teaching is that Jesus will save you even with death looming. It’s never too late if you’re still drawing breath.

  16. Not written anywhere in the Bible!!!! then why were they omitted? are they less important sincerely?

  17. The two “thieves” were non Romans and were being crucified for insurrection, the only deed under Roman Law which qualified for crucifixion. Romans citizens could not be crucified for any crime. Curiously, Jesus was also being crucified for being an insurrectionist.

    1. Romans citizens could not be crucified unless it was a soldier found guilty of desertion, which is documented, and with less certainty, for treason. Non citizen males could be executed for many reasons not just insurrection.

      1. 1 Of The Men Was A Thief ,The Other A Murderer. Is What I Always Thought

  18. People are crazy about the things which were not mentioned in Bible . Insights or delve into the scripture means searching the scriptures which were inspired by the breath of the God. 2 Timothy 3:16 as well as 2 peter 1:19-20.
    No need to read Unauthenticated books like The Book of Nicodemus.
    Is there any meaning in searching for the name of Lot’s wife ?

    1. Here’s the thing, there is a plethora of information out there as long as you deliver into it. I like the thought from above whoever mentioned it, “from one extreme to the next” referring to the thieves

  19. I can’t believe you would give any information that is not a Bible fact! Who do you think you are? Everything we need to know is already written in the Bible.

    1. Amen,there wasn’t supposed to be anything added to or taken away from the Bible.Why does man keep trying to answer questions that can’t be answered by the Bible.

      1. People, people, people…..the names are not in the bible. How do you think the names came about????? It’s called Sacred Tradition!!!! Teachings and infos were passed on thru oral tradition after Jesus died and before the bible was compiled by the Catholic Church folks!!! Get it right folks!!!

        1. Correction: the Bible was not composed by the Catholic Church. The original scriptures were ADDED to by the Catholic Church. The original text is far different to what was later added by the Catholic Church. That’s why Martin Luther, the reformer from centuries ago, spent a good part of his life exposing the contradictions by the Catholic Church and that’s why they killed him. Catholic doctrine is SO different than the original it bears little resemblance to the actual scriptures. In fact, that’s why you’ll see the words “Catholic edition” or similar because they ADDED to Gods word which is condemned in the Bible. No such thing as purgatory (you die once then the judgement), or salvation by doing good things (the Bible said good deeds are NOTHING if you don’t know and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.) No where in scripture does it say we are to pray to Mary but actually says to pray to GOD IN JESUS NAME ONLY. Also way more discrepancies, too many to list here. And I know this because I was RAISED in the Catholic religion and used to defend the church and didn’t want to hear anything bad or negative about it. But when my aunt said she’d gotten born-again and told me about it and showed me scripture I realized NOT ONE TIME of attending mass every week, or catechism for years
          and youth fellowship, did they EVER mention that the Bible says you must be born again to be saved. (John 3:3), and it has nothing to do with good works. We were told not to read the Bible for ourselves that only the priest could read it to us. So as long as I was in the Catholic Church I didn’t read it for myself thinking if I did it would make me crazy (That’s what they told us)…To be honest I didn’t get saved because of anything I ever saw or heard in the Catholic Church but rather IN SPITE of it….Doing good things might make someone feel good and may benefit someone else but it’s never going to save someone’s soul. ONLY faith in Jesus ALONE will save a soul. God says OUR “righteousness”, apart from fully trusting Jesus (NOT Mary or the saints) to save us, is as filthy rags. We respect Mary because she’s the vessel God used to birth Jesus, but she also had to trust her own son to save her, else she wouldn’t have gone to heaven either. She was not sinless, only Jesus was. The immaculate conception refers to when the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary who was a virgin , not as I’ve heard some Christian’s say it referred to Mary’s birth, putting her on an even par with Jesus, which is NOT biblical truth. She was a sinner like us all and needed a savior like everyone else. She would not approve of the way many Catholics worship her more than they worship Jesus, the only true Savior. She’d tell them to put away their rosaries, their brown scapulas (TOTALLY unbiblical claiming that if you die with one on you’ll automatically escape hell could not be farther than the truth) To those lighting candles to get loved ones out of “purgatory “ know that your loved one has probably received Christ before death, even if they didn’t tell a lot of people, because I know when I got born-again I was actually cautious not to tell too many people I was born-again because that’s not what we were taught in the church. When I did tell I faced a lot of opposition. They said I was betraying my Catholic upbringing. I think many Catholics have received Christ but may not be willing to tell everyone because they know they’ll be met with opposition. The problem is not so much with the lay person in the pew it’s with the heirarchy that perpetuates false doctrines usually for financial gain, among other things. If you could add up all the money the church has gained from lighting candles and dropping coins and dollars into offering baskets, selling brown scapulas and rosary beads, and other icons, over the centuries, you could buy an entire country with it and have money left over. Then they dare claim to be the true church even telling members that to leave the Catholic Church is to leave God and end up in hell when they die. What blasphemy!! JESUS saves anyone who repents and receives Him as their Lord and Savior and that means ANYONE and has NOTHING to do with a church building or particular denomination…it’s ALL about Jesus and nothing more. And it would be a sin for me to know this and not tell it just as it would be wrong for me to see someone blindfolded and headed off a tall cliff and not do anything to warn him of pull him back from the edge. The devil doesn’t really care WHAT a person believes as long as he DOESN’T believe the TRUTH. The Catholic Church has been fooling a lot of people for a long time. Most Catholic people do love God and don’t realize how false the Catholic religion is. For most it’s all they’ve known and are following what their parents and grandparents did, which is what I did, until I found out the truth. But at some point once you know the truth you become responsible for what you know and may have to warn others even though you know you’ll face opposition. It comes with the territory. To anyone who hasn’t done so yet if you want to be born-again (John 3:3) simply say out loud a prayer like this “I know Jesus is the Son of God and He died for my sins. Jesus I ask you to forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done and to be my Lord and Savior. Thank you for this free gift I can’t earn and don’t deserve. It’s in Jesus name I pray. Amen” then don’t be silent, go tell someone else.

    2. Where are sub-atomic particles, how to cook any food, or replace an engine in your vehicle mentioned in the Bible. It gives us instructions for salvation, and tells us the Truths God has deemed necessary for that salvation, but it does not, nor has it ever presented itself as providing everything we need to know about everything, including how to post here.

  20. Who do you think you are making that claim? The level of mans ignorant arrogance must drive God mad. The best evidence for what a loving Father he is is the ABSENCE of more calamity than there is.
    Where does it say the Bible has everything we need? Is this a quote from either the Son or the Father?

    Everything that we can get that is verifiable is incredibly important. Do any of you claim to understand the full Word of God?

    Do you not think God finds great joy in seeing his children strive to learn more about him and work their way through His Book of Life that is an absolute masterwork epic of absolutely everything found in this world of ours…history, poetry, science, physics, astronomy, biology, our genealogy, the great stories of our forebears conquests and tragedies, and everything between…it’s prophetic, it’s profound it’s essentially perfect. It’s suoernatural. It is exactly what should have been sent out into space for some (likely non existent) alien species to find as opposed to that gold plate with a song from the 50s and some piddily bits of info about the nature of our biology and whatever was etched on that was wholly inadequate relative to THE CREATORS OWN WRITINGS…it’s holographic and geometric in the way it’s structured infromationally…
    And come to these discoveries and revelations that reveal to us the amazing and unbelievable intellect and OVERALL ZENITHAL ABILITIES AND PROFOUNDLY DEEP HEART??

    Do you not think that he’s left this unspeakably incredible gift and hidden and coded the information the way he did so that we could have a great time figuring it out while at the same time getting to know our Father and start chipping away at the Big Questions? He’s our Dad. He loves and we love it and it’s brilliant.

    Mark my words (they’re your Fathers words spoken through me more accurately…in that he allows us to understand and learn what we do. This is truth and remembering this is the best way to become humbled)
    Mark these words: Soon, and not long from now people are going to wake up to the revelation of what this Book truly is and who we truly are how lucky we are, above all how seriously lucky we are to have a God that is as reasonable, logical and Kind as we do. I don’t think the Workd understands this in the slightest right now but there is going to be a dawn like we have never even imagined possible and it’s on the horizon.
    (I sincerely mean this I don’t say it to win Gods favour)

    Truly, Thank you Father.

    I say this as a son to a Father. Because simply, and amazingly, that is the naked truth of the matter, and I cannot believe how lucky those of us who have been blessed with the ability to truly see and the wisdom to recognize this truly are.

    I got off track. Right right. Of course it’s significant it’s perfectly significant.
    I’m willing to argue it’s significantly significant in fact. God (time) will tell I suppose.

    1. What about the centurion who’s chariot axle broke ? The bible doesn’t mention that at all, not even his license plate number.

    2. I love what you wrote, I have been given beautiful insights as well. It is like a beautiful ray of sunshine to see it coming from another

  21. The good thief that was on Jesus’ right side, who went to paradise is DIMAS. The bad thief on Jesus’ left side that went to hell is GESTAS.

  22. Doesn’t it say that we shall live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. That seems to be saying to me that everything we need is in the bible. Jesus said that. Its quoted in Deuteronomy also.

    2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

    2 Tim 3:16-17
    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

    God is Everything we need. He is the Word. He is the Way, The truth, and the Life. If God is everything we need then his Word is everything we need, for he is the Word. I would be careful not to say differently. We may not understand it yet its there for us. Think of it like this, the recipe we are making is the recipe yet if we alter it or change it then we can not blame the recipe. We were the ones who changed it.

    God’s divine power has given us everything we need to live a truly righteous life through our knowledge of the one who called us to share in his own glory and goodness.

    John 14:6
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    If Jesus is the Word then the only way is through the word which is everything we need. The Word is the way.

    Phil 4:19
    19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    If God shall supply ALL your needs, then If HE is the WORD then the WORD shall supply all your needs.

    Matt 6:31-33
    31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
    32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
    33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Your Father knows what you have need of. All the things you need will be added. That’s all that is in the Kingdom. The kingdom consists of the KING which is the WORD.

    I would have to say that the WORD hints so much more in supplying what we need. The bible has all that we will need. More than enough. Supplied, Inspired, Word of God. I sure do not understand it all, yet I know that it has everything we need in it. It is not just a book laying on the shelf, it is a living book laying on the shelf which wants to get in our hearts.

    I am not trying to argue this, when I saw it said that the bible doesn’t say it has everything we need it just didn’t settle well with me. The song says ‘He’s all I need, He’s All I need, Jesus is all I need.” He satisfies, My needs supplied…….

    Bless you my Brother Adam for all you do for him.

  23. Yah! Nks, 4 the Answers

  24. The names of the thieves is of little importance. Their symbolism is very important.

    The one who believed in Jesus was told by Jesus we shall meet again, or words to that effect, soon. His faith in the purpose behind why Jesus walked the face of the earth doing the work of the Father was not lost on that thief. He admits he deserves to die at the hands of man. Give unto Ceaser. He also professed that Jesus did not deserve to die at the hands of Ceaser because he always did the work of the Father.

    Now that thief that was saved by Jesus is important for all of us. We won’t be perfect on earth. We cannot. Listen to almost every damn preacher of the word and we all are sinners. We cannot go a month without our pastor, preacher, spiritual leader claiming we are sinners even after we have been saved. We are all useless people. None or worthy of any damn thing. Jesus told that thief that in the eyes of God, he had worth regardless of what the will of man had to say about that thief. He was on the cross to die for his failings as man so deemed. But he had worth in the eyes of God to be saved for all eternity. I want God to say I have worth.

    The other guy who mocked Jesus is going to be denied entrance into heaven. He denounced God. When Jesus was right in his face, the living Word, he denounced that Word as meaningless to him. God had Satan in his ranks at one time and Satan tried to usurp God’s rightful place. God doesn’t need more Satans in heaven.

    We have the potential to be either thief. We have a choice. Will we be known by Jesus or not is not a question but a choice. What we do on this rock is of little consequence. Who we choose to follow is of great consequence in Heaven.

    So who is the names of the thief it is all of us for all of us will be one or the other.

  25. The word of God is excited and fuitful to humanity.

  26. The Thieves On there cross, have all our names…That shows where they came from. THE names they are given, DIMAS and
    GESTAS, represent where their forgiven souls starts… And their new hour begins..
    In the bible everything has a time and a place.. God puts everything in our path, for a reason..

  27. Lord thank you for leading me to this good news about the two robbers

  28. Wow classic.I never believed that i will get to their names

  29. The Bible sends us to other references the chronicles of the books of the kings of Israel and Judah.proverbs tells us to seek knowledge. While I don’t put a lot of stock in Nicodemus he possibly could be right. God does not tell us that everything except the Bible is wrong just be very critical about everything else

  30. Are we really wise to say that G0D made mistakes?? Plis think twice and then say so..many have been looking and searching for the names of the two thieves but now we’ve seen a light cos we are told.

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