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Enter to Win Copy of The Amazing Bible Timeline

This Sweepstakes is over!  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to winner Albert.

The winner will receive one copy of the printed Amazing Bible Timeline Chart along with the digital timeline and Holy Land Maps!

How to enter: Just leave a comment below telling us how you will use the Timeline if you win.

Be sure to fill out the email field  on the comment post because that’s how we’ll contact you!  (We promise that’s all we’ll use it for.)

All that legal, rules and other stuff:

  • Starts Saturday November 19th, 2011 at 1 AM.  Ends Tuesday November 22nd, 2011 at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • One entry/comment per person.  Duplicate entries/comments will be deleted.
  • Odds of winning based on number of entries (but a lot better than winning the grand prize on the MacDonald’s Monopoly game I can tell you)
  • Participant must be US citizen, age 18 or older (I’d love to open it to other countries but have no idea whose laws I might be violating.)
  • The prize is worth $29.97
  • We’ll choose the winner using a random number generator for comments
  • We will notify the winner within 48 hours of the end of the sweepstakes by email.  You have 30 days to respond or we will award the prize to another using the same random number generator for comments.

OK!  Now that that’s out of the way, how will you use the Amazing Bible Timeline if you win – and we hope you do!

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23 thoughts on “Enter to Win Copy of The Amazing Bible Timeline

  1. As a Deacon I lead many Bible Studies and specialize with older adults who have not read the Bible. This timeline would allow me to graphically show how know world events fit into the Bible. It also would show how the lineage of Christ fits into the world events. Seeing graphically how things happened allows people to then see time as a distance from beginning to end and where/when these events happened.

  2. God called us to preach the Gospel and plant Churches in this area predominantly populated by the people of other faiths such as Hindus in Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh state of India. By God’s grace we were able to plant two Churches and run a Biblical Reading Room open to all. Youth gather for Bible studies every Sunday night and on other public holidays. (In this area we get holidays on every local Hindu festival). If won, we will use the Amazing Bible Timeline for more enlightening study of the scripture to enhance faith and hope of the believers.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Ebenezer Samuel

  3. Hello,

    My name is Ebby and I would like to use the Amazing Bible Timeline to teach my homeschooled children, my family and myself about God. I would also use it to show the Bus Ministry children about God’s timeline from. The Bible.

  4. I would give it to the youth group at my church so that they could see how bible history fits in with world history.

  5. If I were to win the Amazing Bible Timeline along with the digital copy and Holy Land Maps, I would integrate all three into my future classroom if I am in a Private Christian School or would use it in my local church in order to help my fellow brothers and sisters understand the history of our Christian faith. I would also use all three resources for my own personal study of history and would use it to teach my future family about our history and why Christ is at the center of it. Additionally, I think this would be a great resource to have when going through a Biblical Worldview class!

  6. I am an adult Sunday School teacher and I am currently teaching a series on the synopsis of the Bible. The Amazing Bible Timeline would be a wonderful way for my class to visually see and get a picture in their minds as to what I am teaching. I would also enjoy it in my personal study in preparing for class !!
    Thank-you for your work !!

  7. I am a bible teacher and a Missionary. If I have the Bible time line map I will use it for Bible study class for teaching.
    I hope it will be a wonderful tool to put many things in prospects.

  8. Will use it for youth and adult Sunday School Classes

  9. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Exodus 20:8 Halalyah

    1. Did this show up on your Sabbath? I apologize if so. I can’t set the time around the world

  10. I would love to have this to use for myself and my family. I homeschool my children and this would be very helpful. I would also share it with my church family and any time I got an opportunity.

  11. I would use it to teach my grandchildren, and to share more about God with others online.

  12. I would use the Bible Timeline to teach out young people at church how amazing the Bible is……………how the Bible is God-ordained with there being a ‘time for everything’ (Ecclesiastes 3).
    Timelines fascinate me so I would use it for my own personal Bible Study as well.
    We have an amazing God who has created an amazing world and for each person to be a part of the amazing timeline is just an awesome feeling.

  13. Hi I would love to win the timeline to use in our Sunday School Class. It would be an inspiration to our class to be able to see how things come together and how it will effect our lives today.

  14. I would really love to have this timeline. I believe it would greatly help my son to see how everything fits together.

    Good luck everyone!

  15. My first thought when I saw the Amazing Timeline was that I wanted it for myself to study the Bible. This is wonderful because it is so detailed and brings out the reality of Christ so I am thinking this would be great for a new believer too because it gives credibility to the Bible and that all the people and events actually existed. I think the timeline would be interesting to Christians Bible studies and also the person not familiar with God, but want to know our history. It’s a great starting point!

  16. I will use this timeline to disprove the scientific time line or evolutionary timeline and will share with my frienzzz about the Lord…..

    all the best evryone

  17. I would like to use it to teach deaf. I am sure not many hearing teach deaf that deaf need to know. I my self am deaf too.

  18. This looks like an amazing personal Bible Study Aid but I don’t think I could keep this to myself. I’d post it in our church library so as many people as possible could get the benefit of this valuable resource.

  19. I will donate the time line to my church.

  20. If would win the Timeline, I would donate it to my communite hall, so that everyone will be have the knoledge of the bible. Even unsaved people will become interested as the see the written history. In that way the word of God will be spread, life will be saved.

  21. I will use the timeline in my elementary school age class when I teach every Sunday and Wednesday. It is very helpful to put the events in the Bible into a timeline so the kids can relate to what happened when…very useful tool.

  22. My mother in law would love this – she is a pastor.

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