Day 2 The Overlap

Still focused on Abraham.

The overlap.  What can we learn from that?  On the full timeline we see mapped out in front of us that Adam’s grandson Enos lived until Noah was in his 90’s and  Noah lived until just before Abraham was born – that’s a wow moment.  Do you suppose that Abraham and Isaac heard about the flood from people who actually lived through it?  And about the garden from a person who knew a person who knew Adam?  Talk about your six degrees of separation!

Even more interesting is that Shem lived until Abraham was 150 years old – almost Abraham’s entire life.

Note that this is pointed out on the Amazing Bible Timeline in the area to the right of Abraham.  We also see the Biblical  reference to God’s covenant with Abraham making it easy to look up as needed.

What does this tell us about Abraham and his understanding of God and his purposes?

snippet of bible history timeline
Take a moment to pull up your full timeline.

What other interesting overlaps do you see?  We think we’ve noticed a lot but we’re constantly discovering new ones ourselves.   We’d be happy to hear about any interesting discoveries you make.
Just email us.

Tomorrow’s installment is called: What’s Going On World Wide and Why?”  What’s the point?

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  1. Would love yo be able to download all of this for a bible study!

    1. Hi Marla, do you mean the timeline or the articles. Thank you!

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