Day 1 The Details

Life is in the details… of the word

Your study and teaching have more meaning when you see how it all fits into God’s plan for man on earth.

That’s where teaching principles along with a Biblical timeline chart with World history adds power and excitement to your study and teaching.  You see His hand directing all of the world events and the Bible set against that background.

Today we’re going to orient ourselves on the Biblical timeline.

Tomorrow we look at the overlap of Biblical people and events.

Finally we’ll look at the combination of Biblical and World Historical events.

All three installments focus on Abraham, father of the covenant people.  We’ll see what new ideas we might add to our basic study as a result.

Most of us know the stories included in the Bible are there to teach us principles and doctrines.  Unfortunately we often just grab a story when we need to teach or learn a principle and go for it.  But that leaves a lot of questions.

When did Ruth live compared to Esther?  Or how about Daniel and Solomon?  Who was first? How much time passed between events.

Some of us don’t know, even after years of Bible study classes.  When we know the order of events in God’s overarching plan the principles gain greater meaning.

Using a timeline makes it visual.  You can literally see the passage of time; long, short or in between. The long, slow building of a strong foundation for 2500 years from Adam to Moses, a short 500 years from Moses to Solomon as the Israelites are prepared and taught and then 1000 years of ripening before Christ at last comes.  Now the 2000 years since Christ of the Christian doctrine being spread through out the world from that small center in Israel is seen in a much larger context of God’s overall plan and timing.
Abraham is born at the midpoint in time between Adam and Christ.   As Noah’s sons spread throughout the earth, Abraham is the central link between the pre-flood and post-flood covenant people.  This is a key point to make in discussing Abraham and the Abrahamic covenant.
What is on the timeline to help us?
The dates on the lines of people are the number of years after Adam. For example Abraham was born 2008 years after Adam or 1996 years Before Christ (BC).

You’ll also notice Abraham’s line is yellow showing he is a descendant of Shem.

Included are the scripture references and how long he lived.  Grouped around Abraham are the timing of major events ie his age when he departs with Lot, the births of his sons, the offering of Isaac and more.

Let’s look at a couple of maps.  We include a set of maps and map overlays for free.  (click the maps to enlarge)

map of Abrahams time
Map of Middle East 1850 to 1500 BC
(not shown – land of Canaan covers modern Israel and Lebanon)

map of todays middle east nations
Map of Middle East circa 1978

The Chaldees (modern day Iraq) to Canaan – the land he was promised.  He left there for Egypt where he tells the Egyptian king that Sarah is his sister.  They are forced to leave.   Note the Hittites up in modern day Turkey. Abraham’s grandson, Esau will marry Hittites living in Canaan.

Use the Amazing Bible World History Timeline with the free Interactive computer maps of the Middle East to orient yourself in time and space as you study the Bible.

Tomorrow’s installment is called: Six Degrees of Separation. Surprises in the overlap
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