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What Did Jesus Think About Judas?

An unmistakable evil, one that rocked the world to it’s very core. A crime so despicable it could be thought up by only the most envious and crooked mind. And while scholars have suggested that Judas’ motive for betraying Jesus was in part due to his misunderstanding of the Kingdom that Jesus was trying to set up, it makes no excuse for the fact that Judas not only betrayed his Lord, but his friend. This was the One by Whom he had seen miracles, heard the parables, and witnessed compassion in it’s truest sense for those the world had despised. But Judas’ relationship delved deeper than an ordinary disciple. Brought in to Jesus’ inner circle of companions known as the Twelve, Judas was privy to personal teachings of Jesus at all hours of the day and night, words which the outside world would not always be present to hear. Yet with this closeness came distrust, and a conflict of interests pushed Judas to do what the other Apostles were astonished to witness: betrayal.

Did Jesus know about it? From John 6:70, we understand that He did. Yet throughout the Scriptures, we can not see Him treating Judas any differently than the others, even knowing what he would eventually do. And even when that night came, Judas, armed with a Roman cohort (John 18:3), delivered his Friend into the hands of the gentiles by the greeting of a friend (Matthew 26:48-50), a gesture that showed his coldness of heart. Jesus’ response? Humility, solemnity, and sorrow for the one whom he had grown so close to. This was one of his own, a loved member of His most treasured group, but through his actions He knew they would be friends no longer (John 15:14).

The question then remains: How could Jesus feel sorry for Judas? This was the man that delivered Him to His death! But what Jesus understood is a lesson that we should all understand as well – hate the sin, love the sinner. Sin is of the devil, but the sinner has a soul, and one that we should treasure and cherish. To love the sinner is not to excuse what they are doing, but to make every effort to help make their souls right with God (do what’s in their best interest). It’s not unreasonable to say that even in the face of His accusers, Jesus desperately wished that Judas would repent of what he had done, and turn to Life (2 Peter 3:9). We must remember this in our own lives; to not be so consumed with hatred of our sin that we take the person down with it. They are human, but most importantly they are a lost soul, and we must have compassion on them to help restore them to a right relationship with God.

I recently read a message board for an entertainer that had died among several controversies of his personal life. Along these lines were the people that expressed sorrow, but also several who condemned him in BOLD CAPS for the things he had allegedly done. This anger and supposed hatred towards the individual seemed to insinuate that these people were actually happy that this person was gone. While this may be the knee-jerk reaction for many, we have to ask ourselves, are we happy a soul is lost for eternity? How did Jesus look at Judas? A lost soul that needed help, and His compassion for such a man is something that we should emulate in our own lives. Look to those that are out there, no matter how heinous or evil it may be, and see the soul on the inside that is screaming for help.

This article was republished from with permission from the author, Brady Cook. We appreciate Brady sharing his writing and thoughts with us. Please give his blog a visit and check out his books on Amazon (most of which are free).

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59 thoughts on “What Did Jesus Think About Judas?

  1. Beautiful explanation!

  2. Jesus knew the plan (of course) and He knew who would betray him when he dipped the bread and handed it to Judas and then said “what you do, do quickly”. It is only speculation as to why Judas betrayed Jesus, and I personally do not think it was just the pieces of silver. I think Judas did not truly believe that Jesus was God as he only addressed Jesus as Rabbi, never Lord. He never professed a great faith as the others did. When the apostles were listed, Judas was always listed last, perhaps of the little or no personal relationship with Jesus. Lastly, the Jews were expecting the Messiah to overthrow the Romans and set up a new Kingdom. Judas heard Jesus say he would die shortly, so in Judas’ mind, Jesus was not the Messiah that was expected.. Since he had hoped to be a part of the new ruling head after the Romans were defeated, he lost any hope of such power. So 30 pieces of silver seemed a fair price to sell out a Rabbi, not the Messiah. I’m just a lay person who has been spending time learning over the years, and I see Judas as someone who wanted to be part of the inner circle of power, and he never was with the other Apostles, and he figured that Jesus was not going to be in power with the defeat of the Romans.

    1. Oh, yes so well said

    2. Hey TheOldRanger, I 100% agree about Judas being listed last as well as the belief at the time that Jesus would establish a physical kingdom to overthrow the Romans (Acts 1:6 is a good example of this), and you’re also right that any specific reasoning as to why Judas betrayed Jesus is speculation, but I’m unsure about wanting to be in cahoots with the Romans. He was definitely a thief (John 12:6), but the Scriptures never give his exact motivation. I’d love to talk about it further with you if you want:

      1. Hey Brady, I missed this comment and thanks for your comments. Judas really didn’t want to be in cahoots with the Romans, he was more interested in being part of the Jewish power club. He sold out to the Jews in power, not the Romans. As most of the Zealots hoped and wished for the demise of the Romans, so did Judas and the Jews in power. The Roman legion was part of the Jewish leaders who wanted to stop Jesus, and I really think the only reason the Roman guards were even there was to maintain order for the Jewish leadership to identify Jesus (Judas kiss) and then protect the leaders from any possible retaliation by the followers of Jesus

    3. Reasonable explanation to believe

    4. Is there a book about the life of Judas or is it speculation on your part old ranger? He was tricked by Satan and he regretted it. He hung himself in sorrow. He was told it would he be been better to never have been born. I don’t see that he originally plotted to become rich off Betrayal, he was lyed to by Satan and it broke his heart. From what I can see.

      1. Tammy, you didn’t read what I said in my original post very well. However, there are several books in print about the life of Judas, you can google it. Beware, however, as again, “facts” stated may not be true facts. Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him, read the Last Supper scenario again. I never said that Judas planned to get rich by betraying Jesus, where did you get that? 30 pieces of silver would not make him rich.
        There is an old saying “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you”.

    5. I would like to follow up with mankind’s inability to stay true to God. The entire Bible is filled with examples of men and women who failed in their endeavors to be a servant to God (and to Jesus in the New Testament). Man’s inherent sin nature causes him to do things that are definitely “out of line” with what God expects of us. God punished the nation of Israel several times. God told the Israelites to destroy entire nations because they were evil. We cannot fathom God’s mind, so why are some of you trying to find an escape clause for Judas. God knows the heart of everyone, and not everyone is going to be going to the place of angels, that is also prophesy from Old and New Testament. Judas chose his path and he chose to betray Jesus. You can argue predestination if you want, that’s not my style. I want to also state that not everyone who sits in a church is a believer, nor will they ever become a believer. Some people like to make a show of going to church… but as a wise man once told me years ago…
      sitting in church no more makes you a Christian than sitting in a garage makes you a car. Some people are inherently evil beyond imagination… we have thousands of examples over the years, and more every year and it seems to be getting worse. Judas chose to betray Christ because he was never truly a believer in Jesus. I know plenty of people who are pastors who truly do not believe what they preach. I know elders who like the position, but do not live the life they should. So do you. Jesus came to save us from our sins, but if you choose not to accept Him, Judgement Day is going to be a harsh experience for you. Jesus may love you, but if you don’t accept Him as the Way, doesn’t matter what else you’ve done, because works won’t do it. I know that sounds harsh, but look at all the examples in the Bible since creation.

    6. Or, maybe he thought no one could kill the Messiah! He could work whatever miracle he had to to get out of their chains. I like to think he believed, but was simply naive. Maybe he thought of the many they could help with the silver – and Jesus would be just fine. He is God, after all.

  3. Jesus was born to die for our sins; that was God’s plan from the beginning. Someone had to betray Jesus. Judas would not have been able to betray Jesus if it was not in God’s plan. The happy ending would have been for Judas to have repented and been saved, that would have made God happy and demonstrated to the world the depth of God’s grace.

    1. I agree. Jesus Himself said that He had to die, but “woe to him through whom the Son of Man is betrayed” (Matt. 26:24). But he had every opportunity to repent, just as Peter did, and what a great story that would’ve been!

  4. It could not have been said better. Even though it was God’s plan that Jesus would have to die for our salvation, and also prophesied that
    He would be betrayed, it broke his heart that it had to happen this way.
    We, many times like Judas betray Him, but his love for us remains the same. How dare we comdemn someone who is in our own situation? Unfortunately there are those who are blind to their own sinful condition. So, for the ones
    that can see deeper into God’s heart,
    let’s be thankful and remember that those who like to comdemn are lost souls that, we pray, one day will see God’s love for every single soul.

    1. Exactly. We look down on Judas for what he did (and rightfully so), but unfortunately, that makes us blind to our own spiritual condition. I pray that I can always recognize how much I need to get my life right with God before it’s too late!

  5. This is spot on. Judas is shown…eventually recognizing what he had done, and more importantly…recognizing who He had turned over. He was filled with grief, got rid of, gave away the 30
    Pieces and wanted nothing to do with who he was…most likely repenting of his life choice. Over come with grief to the point of taking his own life. Undeserved to live in his own mind.

    1. I agree that he was overcome with grief, but unfortunately, he took his own life instead of going to the One that he wronged. That would’ve been the right way to repent, just like Peter did (John 21).

      1. This one interests me very. If Judas was truly evil, shouldn’t he have been content in his ‘pride’ and therefore not really cared at all. I have come to the opinion that ‘pride’ is the absolute most demonic of sins.

  6. The most amazing thing that night is that Jesus washed Judas’s feet knowing that he would betray him. How can we Love another and lead our family without this kind of love. Great article thank you for sending me this! Love one another each day by this example.

    1. Exactly! Jesus showed enormous humility in washing the feet of the one who would betray Him hours before the act itself. Pray I can develop the same humility and love that He had.

      1. Did Jesus wash Judas feet? When Jesus gave him the sop Judas went out.

    2. powerful observation!

  7. Very good read. Makes one think. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Judas was a thief. He had responsibility for the financual donations that Jesus would receive and would help himself to the money.

    Joh 12:4-6  A disciple named Judas Iscariot was there. He was the one who was going to betray Jesus, and he asked,  “Why wasn’t this perfume sold for three hundred silver coins and the money given to the poor?”   Judas did not really care about the poor. He asked this because he carried the moneybag and sometimes would steal from it. 

    Furthermore, about 800 years before Jesus ministry, King David foretold the betrayal of the Messiah.

    Act_1:16  Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before CONCERNING JUDAS, which was guide to them that took Jesus.

    What word did David “spake” or prophesy concerning Judas?

    Psa 41:9  Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. 

    Psa 69:22-28  Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap.   Let their eyes be darkened, that they see not; and make their loins continually to shake. 
    Pour out thine indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them.  Let their habitation be desolate; and let none dwell in their tents.   For they persecute him whom thou hast smitten; and they talk to the grief of those whom thou hast wounded.   Add iniquity unto their iniquity: and let them not come into thy righteousness.   Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with the righteous. 

    The Apostle Peter applies these words to Judas:
    Act 1:15-20  And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said, (the number of names together were about an hundred and twenty,) 
      Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus.   For he was numbered with us, and had obtained part of this ministry.  Now this man purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out. 
    And it was known unto all the dwellers at Jerusalem; insomuch as that field is called in their proper tongue, Aceldama, that is to say, The field of blood. 
    For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick (apostleship) let another take. 

    1. Great verses. It’s amazing to see not just how many times the Old Testament prophesied about Jesus, but the level of detail as well. Thanks for commenting!

  9. I can only speculate that Judas believed that he was part of Jesus’ plan to confront and defeat the Jewish leaders and Romans. Judas had seen Jesus raise others from the dead. I doubt that he believed that Jesus would die. As a zealot, he would have expected a confrontation and saw himself as a catalyst for Jesus’ victory when Jesus sent him to do what he had to do. Judas just didn’t understand the real plan that God intended for His Son. Judas couldn’t accept a plan for victory through humility. Like Peter responded much earlier to Jesus, Judas saw only the earthly kingdom and battle through the eyes of man (and the devil).

    1. There’s no doubt that the Apostles had a misunderstanding of what the kingdom is, but it’s hard to say exactly what Judas’ specific motivation was. Depending on how you translate Judas “Iscariot” (i.e. “of Kerrioth,” as a member of the “sicarii,” etc), he could’ve been a revolutionary like Simon the zealot, or could’ve just been an opportunist that saw Jesus as a way to make a quick buck. Either way, he was absolutely wrong.

  10. Ther is no doubt that Jesus’
    death and resurrection was for the salvation of all human beings, including Judas. I do not think Judas expected crucifixion as the punishment. If he repented, as did Peter for his betrayal by denial, you would wonder why Judas hung himself. Perhaps he did not know that he was forgiven after he repented. This would make sense because he never seemed to grasp the portent of the Messiah as the Lamb, only the Conquerer. Was Judas saved? If his repentance was true, then yes. But I wonder what kind of repentance brings grief so profound that Judas would take his own life. The answer is in God’s hands, as is the answer for each of us who repent and follow Jesus Christ.

    1. There’s a difference in the grief showed by Peter and Judas (2 Cor. 7:10): Peter’s drove him to repentance (John 20:1-10), whereas Judas’ led him to the gallows. Keep in mind too that Judas hung himself before the sentence of crucifixion the next morning, so his grief came about when he realized the impact of his sins.

  11. If Judas was saved is not up to us it is God that makes that choice. Me I personally think there will be a lot of disappointed people when they stand before God on judgment day. AND WE ALL WILL HAVE TO ANSWERE FOR OURSELVES ON THAT DAY.

    1. There will definitely be a lot of people that are surprised on day of judgment – both good and bad. While God is the one who makes the ultimate decision, you’re right to say that we will all have to answer for our own lives on that day (2 Cor. 5:10).

    2. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers'” (Matthew 7:21-23).

  12. Okay

  13. While none of us are God and cannot judge whether Judas will be saved or not, we should stick closely to what scripture says. One interesting quote from the mouth of Jesus says:

    Mar 14:21  The Son of Man will die, just as the Scriptures say. But it is going to be TERRIBLE for the one who betrays me. That man would be better off if he had NEVER BEEN BORN.” 

    Make of that what you will.

  14. Poor Judas! How could Jesus not love Judas? Jesus is the author of love, or is it GOD? for HE so loved the world that HE gave us HIS only begotten SON…or is Jesus GOD…but Jesus so loved HIS creation that HE willingly suffered and died for all those who would believe on HIM. And Judas, well he did repent, he threw back the money he earned through his treachery – but not because he had a change of heart but because he was caught doing something none of his 11 other companions would think of doing. He was caught with the blood money in his hands and that brought shame…shame that he was caught. I don’t want to sound flippant but we read throughout the Bible that not all will be saved, that some are created as vessels for honor, others for common use. (Read Romans 9:22-24). We are the creation not the creator. How dare we judge our GOD! Again, Paul speaks to our ignorance in Romans 12:18 – if possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Love the sinners and never judge who you think will or wont be saved for eternal LIFE. Many will be surprised – that is if we will have the capability to remember in heaven with sadness(?) that certain loved ones we expected to meet again in heaven are not there. I thank GOD HE has given me a seal whereby I know I shall see HIM in heaven!

    A very thoughtfully written article, Brady, enjoyed reading it.

  15. All the above is good reading and there are obviously a variety of thoughts regarding why Judas did it. Prophesy needed to be fulfilled and we don’t know what God tried to intiiate to make recompence. We are only told of the outcome. Let’s bear in mind that it appears the money was offered and in the situation how would we react? The leaders wanted a clean-take so the idea appealed. They knew of Jesus’ power so a group of soliders etc. would strengthen their case and give support as required. Jesus blew them away though with the healing of Malchus. Judas probably was listed last as the Gospels were written a few years later, and Judas needed to be included in the list but his demise was a sorry situation and pretty well known. About Judas, he was the odd one out, coming from lower Judea and probably not known by the others, who mostly seemed to be grouped or buddies/brothers. However, God has His plan, we can respond in whatever light of understanding we have. The underlying factor is as Brady has said, the opportunity for true repentance was there, and Judas reacted in his own way. Unfortunely it was terminal. No doubt Dr Luke of any of the historians could have penned a completely different story if the outcome had have been different. Over the years, I wonder how many suicides have been committed because of people not being able to cope with the guiilt and the conscience. I am so sorry that people can’t sway their thinking in favour of God’s provision – love, grace. mercy as apposed to His justice. (Rom 5:8)

  16. Whenever this conversation pops up, I usually see a lot of people trying to distance themselves from Judas by trying to vilify him (even the other 11) and that’s not fair. We have the same bad qualities that Judas did. We also lack some of the good qualities that Judas had.
    Judas was one thing, a catalyst. Judas didn’t go to the Pharisees with the belief that he was betraying Jesus. He was a Zionist, like others in the group, trying to force Jesus’ hand. Think about it.
    1. Jesus had been ministering for four years and the authorities still didn’t know what he looked like? You feed and heal people super naturally and see how anonymous you remain!
    2. All 12 were pious Jews.
    a. IF Judas was evil, the others would have picked up on it (scripture plainly states that no one knew).
    b. IF Judas was evil, he would have kept the silver and gone about his merry way. Absolutely no one was a threat to Judas at that time.
    Who here has never tried to force God’s hand? Who here has never done something irrational because of their pride. EVERYONE has betrayed Jesus as least as much as Judas did. Judas was and is still one of us!

    1. While it is true that we all harbor certain things as secretly as we can because we do know that a lot of our thoughts are not what they are suppose to be. I believe that people can be evil without others being able to detect it. We don’t know that the others did not pick up one specific things about Judas, maybe they thought something was “different” about him and passed it off as being quirky.. who knows. Judas was not part of the fellowship of the others (based on what I’ve read from various scholars), and we do know that Judas was always listed last when all the apostles are mentioned. Everyone will have their own opinion and everyone will have their own feelings.. I caution you with this “we all think we see things as they are, but in reality we see things as we are”… we color everything with what we think and feel, we are “our experiences” and even though we try to see things the way others do, it still comes down to what we see as we are. That is why people have different accounts of what happened in an accident, we all have different perspectives based on what we thought we saw, but we color everything by “our” perception.

      1. Meant to add… we all think of ourselves as being intelligent, but the most intelligent man still is no match for God’s knowledge and understanding. God is Absolute, we are fraught with all types of frailties. Trying to fathom what God and Jesus thought is really beyond our scope. Man is fallible, God and Jesus are Absolute… the highest standard and there is no way any man can measure up to that standard… that is why Jesus was sent to earth to walk among us and then die for us… to rise up in 3 days, as an example of what He is about… argue what you will about Judas and just remember … what you think and feel doesn’t come close to what God and Jesus “knows”

  17. I Thank God for giving His Life on the cross for me, I feel so sorry for Judas, knowing that Jesus knew of the plot of the betrayal . I fail my Lord everyday, the shame Judas felt would have been unbearable unless he was totally in denial.
    I have read every comment, and I am amazed at knowledge that God has enlightened you with, by sharing your with me I am forever thankful.

  18. I have enjoyed reading the dialog here. I just want to ask a few thought questions to ponder. 1- I believe that we have already established the prophecy of betrayal. 2- prophecy had to be 100% accurate to be a prophet. 3- Jesus said he didn’t come to do away with the law but to fulfill it. 4- Now we get to the main part Jesus said he was about his father’s business John 3:16 ultimately would be just that. 5- We have learned through translation that prior to this point he was one of the guys and the emphasis was on Matthew the tax collector. We have also lost some of the dialog between Jesus and Judas and only have pieces to put together from the authors because maybe it was them that wasn’t sure of what Jesus was doing (Fulfilling the law of the prophecy).so my last thought question would be this. Where would we be without Judas? By Jesus knowing what was going on did he chose Judas.? And by Judas going was he not obeying God the Son in order to fulfill the law for the next phase to take place? Have you thought that maybe Jesus knew exactly what he was doing when he chose the one he knew could carry out possibly the hardest of all task? What would you have done? Would you have obeyed Jesus and done what he told you to do quickly? Or done nothing in disobedience. What about the troubles Jesus spoke about. Where they not so even today as some people still talk down and despise Judas even today? I ask again, where would we be without Judas fulfillment of prophecy? Just a thought… God Bless…

  19. After reading all the thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc, it still comes down to one thing. Only God knows !! God knows what is in our hearts, God gives us the opportunity (through prayer) to ask for forgiveness, for guidance on what we should do, etc. However, we do have the freedom to accept or reject because God gave us free will. As most parents try to teach their kids the “right thing” to do, we still see the rebellion in our kids as they “act out” in public, disobey when they are expected to do the right things, etc. Even as we get older, we still have that “sin nature” and we still do things we know we shouldn’t, but do anyway. I believe Judas chose the wrong way to handle the situation. To ask the question should Judas do what he was pre-ordained to do II don’t believe in predestination since we have free will) or should he “disobey” his predestination and not betray Jesus? This is a “catch 22 question”….. similar to the question “have you stopped beating your wife”….
    you can’t win with that question… if you say yes, that means you admit to beating her before….. if you say no, that means you are still beating her…

    My belief is that Jesus loved everyone but knew He wasn’t going to be able to get some people to believe in Him as the way to the Father. Man is a “stiffed neck” race… and even the most “pious” person still has his/her faults … the “log in your eye” to judge another’s “speck in their eye”. Man is not a perfect being, and he was given free will. God chastised the Jews over and over and over, and although they “straightened up” for a short while, they soon forgot the “punishment” and moved onto the next sin because they never really learned their lesson. We are accepted into Heaven because Jesus died for our sins and we believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Some people refused to accept Jesus as the Son of God for various reasons and they do reap the punishment because of their unbelief. I think Judas never really accepted Jesus as the Messiah because Jesus didn’t fit the image that Judas thought he should. It was his decision to not accept. God does not force anyone to accept Him… if God did force us, we wouldn’t see all these other religions in the world that do not accept Jesus plus all those who call themselves agnostic or atheistic. The choice has always been up to us to accept or not accept, God gave us that privilege (or curse). But to debate Judas and read into what he did for whatever reason, it still boils down to the fact that he was given the opportunity to see Jesus up close and personal, and still chose to betray Him. God has final judgement as He knows the true reasons. We can only speculate, but to no avail as far as Judas is concerned. What we think or feel has no bearing on what God judges.

    1. As a follow-up to all these comments all these years ago, I offer the recent changes in how the left has chosen to deal with believers. The left Is Judas in that they have betrayed their own country. Our liberal media has betrayed the guiding light of “reporting the news” by making up the news as they go, printing lies (and they know they are lies) as the truth in order to gain their own fame. Over this past few years, I’ve seen a radical change in our politicians and our leaders. Believers are ridiculed in print and in public and there is a “Judas” behind this entire effort. The left has kept pushing the limits, getting acceptance in some small area to give them a footing, then they start demanding other things to gain an even stronger foothold until they bring down the “establishment”. Even at my age, I get concerned about where the US is going, but then I am often brought back by the realization is that our time on earth is fleeting, that all this has been foretold in the Bible by various prophets over the years and can be found time and time again in the Bible. I may be wrong, but I see the end of the world as we have known is fast approaching. I could list example after example, but instead I wish to stop to say Thanks to this site and to the people who have presented a lot of materials to help us (as best as we are able) to determine the history of the past world to what is coming up quickly. The charts, the books, etc have been a huge help to me in determining that The World has been through this “upheaval” time and time again and it is to prepare us believers that our Hope is only through Jesus Christ. I know we are like to think we are “smart” enough to know what is happening, but we only truly have glimpses of what God really wants us to see, and truly the only true answer is Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and praise God for sending us His son to help us live as we were intended to live. We cannot speak for others, we can only speak for ourselves. To decide why someone else did something in a certain way is truly an effort in futility as we see what others do “through our eyes” and “our experiences” and have all types of “insights” (however feeble) as to “why”. God has baffled the geniuses of the world since the beginning of the earth because we “think” our brain (even though it is a marvelous thing) fails in comparison to God. I’m closing in on 80 years and it seems the more I think I know, the truth is it just shows how little I do know. I am enjoying my retirement in my little part of the world as God has blessed me giving me my remaining years in a beautiful part of the US, and keeping my mind sharp enough that I can rejoice in reading His Word for peace and comfort as I talk with Jesus on my daily strolls in this beautiful area. I marvel at what God has created for us, and I marvel at His love for allowing His Son to take on the burden of our sins. Blessings to all of you and thank you Bible Charts and Maps for your materials and for sharing them. They certainly have helped me over the years to give me additional insights into the world back then to help me deal with our world today..

  20. In the beginning there was the Word and the Word wrapped itself in flesh and the Word was God. Jesus is God in flesh who is Alpha and Omega. He knew what Judas had to do to fulfill the prophecy. He knew and directed Judas to do what he had to do quickly just as He asked God why had He forsaken Him. Jesus spoke in parables as one must understand through the Holy Spirit which is within us not by carnal understanding. Peradventure, Judas did not follow Jesus’s direction to do it quickly, how then would the prophecy be fulfilled? Further, how would we be redeemed? Nothing is out of order! Remember, when Simon Peter attempted to stop Jesus from fulfilling prophecy Jesus’s direction was, “Get behind me Satan!” Are we to assume that Jesus believed Simion was Satan or was He addressing the fact that Simion frequently fell short of having discernment related to the Prince of the Powers of the Air? Judas did what he did which led to the fulfillment of prophecy. We are taught to hate the sin and not the person. Jesus modeled that for us; therefore, it is difficult to accept that Jesus was tricked in any way. As a Christian, my goal is to become Christlike so I forgave Judas pray that I don’t fall into passing judgement (“Judge not yet ye be judged.”). Judas was a part of us being afforded redemption I praise God for his role in me being saved!

  21. I have enjoyed reading this thread. Here are a few added thoughts.

    1. Acts 1:25 says he, Judas, went to his own place. Lk. 22:3
    2. Hell was made for the devil and demons
    3. Jesus allowed it because we have free will. Therefore Judas, though loved by Jesus, chose to betray Him.
    4. Satan gave him the means, knowing he loved power, money and was a thief. Satan always puts in front of us what we want.

    I believe he was possessed by the devil and committed the act. His regret once completed, was that he made the wrong decision. Hopeless of ever being able to make things right with Jesus, killed himself. Perhaps remembering His words, “it had been good for that man if he had not been born” Mk. 14:21

  22. The Old Testament has two different prophecies for Jesus 1) Lord of Glory, Is. 9, 11, 60; and 2) Lord of Suffering, Is. 53. This is just as in Eden where man could either fulfill God’s will or not. We are all descendents of Adam & Eve’s failure. For me, the saddest verse in the Bible is Gen. 6:6. We, represented by the best of people in Jesus’ time, the “Chosen People”, failed to receive the Son of God. They had been prepared to receive him, Jesus told them it was the Will of God to receive him, Jesus worked many miracles that they might believe in him, but they (we) did not believe him; we killed him.
    Jesus gave his life for us, the ones who killed him because we did not believe he was the Son of God. Thank God and thank Jesus that he gave his life for us sinners and children of the devil. Amen.

  23. Jesus washed Judas’ feet just like Peter, James, John, & the rest! When Judas saw Jesus acting as a common slave, it did not fit his concept of the Messiah (his view of God). All the disciples abandoned Jesus, and Peter denied Him with swearing and cursing! Yet when Jesus looked at Peter, he ran, repented, and was truly reborn. The same look from Jesus to Judas produced such internal anguish that Judas went and hung himself. What if Judas had the understanding and trust-faith that Jesus would have forgiven him even then, and gone with Peter for confession and rebirth? Would Jesus have forgiven Judas? What was Jesus saying to the soldiers that nailed him to the cross, and they hadn’t even asked for forgiveness!

    1. Same feeling! 1. Judas despised Jesus as an “idiot” since He never had, even with such great powers, a will to earn any worldly benefits, which is contrary to the world view of most of Jews including Judas. 2. Judas naturally loved money that he stole it from collective money pool. 30 silver pieces was a price to buy a salve then. How terribly Judas has, under Satan’s claws, humiliated and betrayed Jesus! Judas had not known any knowledge of God both in OT and NT.
      However, personally I sympathize him for his regretting suicide owing to his tormenting consciousness: then he recognized Jesus as ‘righteous man’, not as a stupid slave any more, but he seemed not to be saved even with his such a death because from Jesus’ words on the betraying disciple, he should be unsaved. God’s grace stops just after his betrayal.

  24. Jesus is God in flesh according to Genesis. He is Alpha and Omega. There is no searching of his understanding. If you believe that you are wise in these World standards then become a fool and be retaught. Judas did not become rich as 30 pieces of silver was said to be paid for atonement for the killing of a slave. Further, Judas never benefited from the 30 pieces of silver as they fell to the ground and he hung himself. Two sins that you cannot be forgiven are blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and self-destruction. The word directs us to judge not yet we be judged. This is related to Judgment of who goes to heaven or hell. Judgment is God’s job leaving us to focus our attention on putting God first, learning to love ourselves and showing that love to others. Judas is not the focus of the Word God is. I pray that we all avoid the distractions and focus on the truth. I Am Redeemed by the blood of Jesus, the sacrificial unblemished lamb. Jesus builds a home for those who believe in Him, repent of their sins, be baptized in His name and truly seek the kingdom of the Most. High (Our Father Who Art in Heaven). The Word Wrapped In Flesh came and modeled loving our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves (in God’s will). I choose to seek his guidance in pruning me that I may follow in his footsteps, have discernment of his will and have the heart and the mind to follow Him. Knowledge of Good and Evil has been the downfall of angels and man. In God’s ultimate plan evil will be destroyed and we will live in love, peace, harmony, praise, and worship of the only one who is worthy of our praise. The difficulty in being born in sin and cast in the iniquity is it opens the door to deception having us focus on the minor part of a major lesson. Jesus is God and God is good all the time! What else really matters?

  25. If a man you believed was Jesus Christ the Son of God or God himself, 100% believed it, would you obey when he told you to do something? Perhaps Judas was the only one that would do it and fulfill scripture? We know Peter denied Christ three times that very night why? He was afraid the mob would hang him and he did not have the courage and faith that perhaps Judas had. Judas never denied him and he was found hanging in a tree, perhaps it was assumed he killed himself, maybe he was hung because he did not deny Christ and that he was follower when challenged. I have thought about these questions since I was a young boy, I still ask them. Why was Peter not reviled for denying Christ? Because Jesus told him he would a knew beforehand? Well?………… not arguing, wondering as I always have.

  26. Good points! Encourage and inspire those suffering from their cross, including betrayal! May God bless and use you greatly!

  27. It was all meant to be. Jesus came here to die for our sins, to be crucified. Judas was chosen to betray Jesus.

    1. Jesus said that it would be better for him if he had not been born.
      Judas betrayed the Messiah. God does not work together with satan. God prepared the “chosen people” to receive the Messiah. If they had received the Messiah, they would not have killed him.

  28. Man can only surmise, but God knows why and only He has the answers. For man to “guess” at what the real reasons were is folly. Man cannot understand what Jesus felt because we do not have the knowledge or intellect to base our suppositions. Everyone has their opinion of course, and that is why there will be no real answer from men. God knows and for us to guess is true folly.

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