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Virtual Engagement With The Bible

Virtual Bible study is going to be outside of the comfort zone for many of us. Here we share some tips on keeping engagement within your groups and how you can show accountability and strength for your support system. We suggest your first online Bible study meeting be less Bible study and more checking-in. It may have been a few weeks since you’ve seen each other face-to-face and this would be the perfect opportunity to present a safe space to reconnect. The first few times you meet, you and your group may be a bit timid as they figure out the features and controls available in the tech tool you’re using. The cross-talking due to technology lag and so forth but we promise, it gets easier!

You all know each other, now it’s just a group call. Since you are limited with in person queues and body language, you will have to be more detailed than usual. The communication has to be on point so everyone stays engaged and at speed with everyone. You can start by sharing links to tutorials on how to use platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Google Video, and more. This will help with familiarity. Encourage your crew to show up and express that it will still be as fun. You don’t have to be a tech guru or Bible expert, this is all about remaining connected to one another and keeping the Word alive in your daily lives. Just remember, you already are friends, now it’s just going to be online and everyone can still have a voice. Keep your normal routine if you like or change it up a bit. Set goals/tasks for you and your group to share at the next meeting. Even present fun memes or videos at the beginning to be an icebreaker. More people could potentially be more vulnerable and open to discussion in the virtual world because they won’t feel judged as some may feel in person. This is a great opportunity and a workout for communication skills.

Understanding the environment we are in helps us adapt. Reading the Word and sharing the Bible with friends was a part of your life before and should remain. The way technology is nowadays, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. There are Bible apps, Bible videos on YouTube, Bible blogs, and more. Get connected and keep your Faith. Hold your friends and peers accountable during these unprecedented times. You never know when they are needing someone. Until next time!

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