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Source: Xerxes (King Ahasuerus): Digging for Truth Episode 149

King Xerxes was the mighty ruler of the 5th century BC Persian empire. He is mentioned in the book of Esther and plays an important role in the story. Want to learn more about the archaeological evidence that supports the biblical account of Xerxes? Check out the video linked below:
Source: Xerxes (King Ahasuerus): Digging for Truth Episode 149
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4 thoughts on “Source: Xerxes (King Ahasuerus): Digging for Truth Episode 149

  1. In the second half of the name Aha-Suerus you can find the name Cyrus, however with a prefix simular to Arta.

    Probably Xerxes was named after his grandfather Cyrus the Great. In this case the name Ahasuerus would be the Hebrew version of the name Arta-Xerxes.

  2. The Daric coin, coined during the reign of Darius I, is mentioned in Ezra 2:69. Which suggests the Koresh/Cyrus of Ezra 1:1 refers to Xerxes rather then Cyrus the Great.

  3. The 120 satraps mentioned in Daniel 6 also can be translated as 20 tax satraps (100 also can mean tax). This indeed is how Darius I devided his kingdom. Then the Koresh/Cyrus mentioned in the book of Daniel as well would refer to Xerxes.

    1. The about 62 years mentioned in Daniel 5:31 or Daniel 6:1 probably refer to the distance to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem rather then Darius’s own age. Which indeed fits with Darius I’s first year.

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