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Planning Bible Time While Following the ABT!

If you’re trying to start a new habit or even spruce up the one you have now, we have put together a simple top 3 essential steps to create a joyful bible study for children and adults of all ages.


Seemingly simple but this is just a simple sitting of silence for a few minutes to gather thoughts and pray on a topic to study that day. Of course, if you have a burning desire or if there is an environmental theme/issue you would like to address or pray about, then do it! This is just a simple “get started.”

Plan Bible Studies

Organizing thoughts and plans on paper helps tremendously! Following along with the Word and the Amazing Bible Timeline can create a better understanding of events and characters in general, however you can also intertwine the two to make it an interactive experience for you and family and friends. You can plan out weekly themes by goals, such as starting with sectioning The Old Testament into weekly breakdowns and discussions. You also don’t have to go in order, you can start with The New Testament then move to the Old. You can even replace a bible study day with reading and discussing a book that teaches about the Word. There are also many resources online that can help keep things interesting, such as Right Now Media which is a streaming library of Bible study videos. There are no rules, but planning a bible study helps organize thoughts and makes daily activities flow easily.

Plan Service Opportunities

This one is always fun and essential to keeping the faith. Getting out yourself or with a group of people to help others is such a divine experience. You can plan a monthly service project of your choice and reach out to facilitators to see how you can get involved. Spreading peace and togetherness makes the world a happier place. Children can do mentoring programs to help spread the Word, parents/adults can go to a local homeless shelter and feed the homeless, families can do arts & crafts for a local St. Judes Hospital, and the list goes on! Finding a way to get involved helps give back to the community and spread peace amongst all people.


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