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Incas Expand to the Central Andes

After they established their kingdom in the city of Cuzco, the Incas quickly expanded within the Central Andes around 1300 which is where it is recorded on the Biblical Timeline Poster with World History. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Incas created alliances with neighboring peoples and sent out their armies to expand their territory. Because of the rapid expansion, the Inca Empire at its peak extended from present-day Quito in Ecuador in the north and into Santiago in Chile in the south.

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The Children of the Sun

In the beginning, it is said that the Sun God Inti saw that the humans quarrelled among themselves and that sometimes they ate human flesh. The Sun God, along with the Creator God Viracocha, decided to create the siblings Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo so they could try and civilize the people. They created the couple along with their brothers and sisters either in Pacariqtambo or in Lake Titicaca. Although they had siblings, the couple were the ones who ruled the first Incas.

They emerged out of the cave where they were created and travelled north to find the place where they should live. Before they left, the gods gave Manco Capac a golden staff so he could test whether the place was fit for them to live in. When they arrived in the Cuzco Valley, the golden staff sank on the ground which meant that it was their promised land. The Incas built their first city on the place where the staff sank and then called it Cuzco.

“Apurímac River”

Inca Expansion

The Inca came up with a centralized form of government around 1200. They were ruled by a very powerful king. In the native Quechua language, their kingdom was called Tawantinsuyu or “The Four Quarters United.” By 1300, the Incas had formed alliances with neighboring peoples, but they did not hesitate to use violence or intimidation if the tribes within the Valley of Cuzco did not submit to them.

In 1350, they started to expand outside the Valley of Cuzco. They folded into their empire the areas around the Lake Titicaca. Around this time, they conquered the areas east of the Valley of Cuzco. They also ventured north and conquered the areas along the Urubamba River. The Inca army later invaded the Apurimac River area and built a suspension bridge that allowed them to cross the canyon leading up to the city of Andahuaylas. Then they ventured further west and conquered the war-like Chanka people.

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