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Chimu People Expand in Peru

The Chimu people of Peru expanded their territory starting around 1250 after they conquered neighboring states, such as those in the Lambayeque and Casma Valleys. They were still expanding when the Incas rose to power and took what the Chimu empire had conquered years before. The Chimu’s expansion in Peru is recorded on the Biblical Timeline with World History during 1250 AD.

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The Legend of the Chimu People

The Chimu people claimed that their ancestors sailed to present-day Peru from the north by means of rafts. Eleven rulers succeeded their first king when he died. This type of leadership continued until another king rose to rule the kingdom alone. They inherited the territory and culture of the Moche Empire which had crumbled around AD 700.

Chan Chan

They settled near the irrigated fields of the valley which allowed them to grow food and feed their people. The small settlement eventually grew into a city which they called Chan Chan. The Chimu city became so magnificent that it contained as much as ten palace complexes and five pyramids which they used for rituals.


The Chimu people started to build road networks which allowed them to move their troops around their territories easily. These roads also allowed them to conquer neighboring kingdoms starting around 1250. The Chimu conquered the Casma Valley in the south, and in 1350, they invaded the Lambayeque Valley (Sican culture) in the north. The Chimu rulers allowed each conquered territory to be governed by local leaders who answered directly to them and used captive peoples as farm workers. The Chimu Empire continued to expand until they were conquered by the powerful Incas in 1470.

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