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3 Ways to Embrace Christlike Humility During the Holidays

During the Christmas season, as we focus on the birth of Christ, it is easy to draw attention to the humility of that baby…to see all of heaven’s wonder “wrapped in swaddling clothes.”
To read the verses portraying a stable, a manger, barn animals, and straw. Here we have listed a few ways to embrace humility during the holidays with family and friends.

One, remember who loves you.

Jesus didn’t have to stand up for Himself because He trusted His Father. When you are God’s, you don’t have to keep score. You know that you are valued – apart from the opinions of anyone else! When you realize just how much God loves you, you care more about loving Him back than you care about loving yourself.

Two, remember where you are.

This isn’t heaven. Even at Christmastime, you are surrounded by sin, pain, and grief. Let that motivate you to forget yourself and be a blessing to others. This isn’t hell. Just like the story of the infamous Scrooge, there is hope! We can reach out, and if we are the ones hurting, we can find comfort in the humility of our Savior coming down.

Three, remember why you are here.

Jesus came to this earth for a purpose, to give us a glorious gift. In the Philippians 2 passage, it says He humbled Himself to be obedient to the point of death on the cross. We are all here to make a choice…will we choose God, like He chose us? Or will we reject His gift?
We all claim that Christmas is a time of love and giving. Yet, it’s still so easy to get caught up in what we want, instead of looking for ways to simply let go of ourselves and love. Take this time to remember these small but grand reminders during these holidays.

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