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3 Famous Fathers in the Bible

Scripture is filled with people we can learn much from. When it comes to the challenging vocation of fatherhood, several fathers in the Bible show what is wise to do and also what is not wise to do.
The most important father figure in the Bible is God the Father—the ultimate role model for all human dads. His love, kindness, patience, wisdom, and protectiveness are impossible standards to live up to. Fortunately, he is also forgiving and understanding, answering fathers’ prayers, and giving them expert guidance so they can be the man their family wants them to be.

Adam, The First Man.

As the first man and first human father, Adam had no example to follow except for God’s. Regrettably, he strayed from God’s example and ended up plunging the world into sin. Ultimately, he was left to deal with the tragedy of his son Cain murdering his other son, Abel. Adam has much to teach today’s fathers about the consequences of our actions and the absolute necessity of obeying God.

Lessons to Learn From Adam

  • God is looking for fathers who freely choose to obey him and submit to his love.
  • Fathers with integrity live in the knowledge that nothing is hidden from God’s sight.
  • Instead of blaming others, godly fathers take responsibility for their own failures and shortcomings.

Noah, A Righteous Man.

Noah stands out among fathers in the Bible as a man who clung to God in spite of the wickedness all around him. What could be more relevant today? Noah was far from perfect, but he was humble and protective of his family. He bravely carried out the task God assigned to him. Modern fathers may often feel they are in a thankless role, but God is always pleased by their devotion.

Lessons to Learn From Noah

  • God promises to bless and protect those who faithfully follow and obey him.
  • Obedience is not a sprint but a marathon. It means a lifetime of faithful devotion.
  • Even the most faithful fathers have weaknesses and can fall into sin.

Abraham, Father of Jewish Nation.

What could be more frightening than being the father of an entire nation? That was the mission God gave Abraham. He was a leader of tremendous faith, passing one of the most difficult tests God ever gave a man: offering his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham made mistakes when he relied on himself instead of God. Still, he embodied qualities that any father would be wise to develop.

Lessons to Learn From Abraham

  • God wants to use us, in spite of our shortcomings. He will even rescue and support us through our foolish mistakes.
  • Genuine faith pleases God.
  • God’s purposes and plans are revealed in phases over a lifetime of obedience.
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