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Tola a Judge in Israel

Tola Biblical Judge

Tola the son of Puah was a judge of Israel whose reign spanned a total of twenty three (23) years. His reign started after the death of Abimelech. This is supported by the Biblical Time Line Chart. Not much was recorded about the life and reign of Tola. This judge of Israel is actually the least spoken of or recorded judge. There are no recorded deeds of this Tola.

Tola, a_Judge_in_the_Bible

Image Description from historic lecture booklet: “From Mount Gilboa we turn to the south-west, and in what was once the tribe-land of Ephraim

Tola was buried at Shamir located in Mount Ephraim where he resided until he died. Dodo of the tribe of Issachar was the grandfather of Tola. Tola is a Hebrew name that means worm, grub or scarlet.

Biblical Recordings of Tola

Judges 10:1-2. Tola takes over and leads the charge to defend Israel after the death of Abimelech. These two verses are the only biblical recordings of Tola.



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