The Hebrew Calendar


‘The Hebrew or Jewish calendar, showing Adar II between 1927 and 1948′

The Hebrew calendar is the official calendar of Israel and the religious calendar for Judaism.

The Hebrew Calendar begins with the year of creation as 3761 BC while Usshers Chronology (the basis for our Bible Timeline chart and the dates in the King James Bible) starts with Adam in 4004 BC.

Various helpful links for the Hebrew Calendar:

Hebrew calendar software (available for cell phones and computers):
As well as downloadable software for calendars with and without reminders of the religious significance of each date, also has software to translate today’s date into the Hebrew calendar or vice versa.

Is there anywhere I can go print out a Hebrew calendar?
Printable Hebrew calendar site (you may have to scroll below the ads to see the printable pages):

An excellent calendar site that explains the Jewish calendar and how the dates are calculated can be found here:
For a complete explanation of the complex history and calculations for the calendar, scroll down to section 3, Hebrew Calendar.



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